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Saturday Games Open Thread

Use this for all of your college football discussions!

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive Saturday, the Auburn Tigers will not take the field and play football. That's because they played on Thursday night and managed to hang on for a 20-14 victory over the Kansas State Wildcats.

If you're feeling nostalgic already and need to read up some more on what went on in that game, then we've had a few things published since the game ended other than that recap.

First are my TAKES on what was good and bad Thursday night.

Second, and most importantly, there is Tuco giving us a graphic representation of what it was like watching Auburn's defense perform against the Wildcats. It's all that.

And now we get to today. What should you be watching? I'd recommend Alabama vs Florida for the only real marquee SEC match-up, which takes place during the afternoon. Otherwise Mississippi State at LSU is the only other SEC game of note. The other big match-up will be Clemson vs the now completely Jameis-less FSU in the evening.

If you're really bored and want to see what I'll be doing, tune into the Georgia Southern at South Florida game at 7:30 EST on ESPN3. I'll be down in Mobile for that one.

Enjoy the Saturday off! It's not often we get three of these weekends in one year where we can just relax and watch other teams play!