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College Football Polls Post Week 4

This weekend's results led to some movement in the polls. I'll update it later this afternoon when the AP Poll comes out and I get back to Auburn from Mobile. Let's take a look.

Nick wants to know what it takes to get a little love for a Top 25 road victory
Nick wants to know what it takes to get a little love for a Top 25 road victory
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Alabama
2 Oregon Alabama Oklahoma
3 Alabama Oklahoma Auburn
4 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Texas A&M Baylor Georgia
7 Baylor Texas A&M Florida State
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame Baylor
9 Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State
10 Ole Miss UCLA LSU
11 UCLA Ole Miss UCLA
12 Georgia Arizona State Notre Dame
13 South Carolina Georgia Wisconsin
14 Mississippi State Stanford Stanford
15 Arizona State South Carolina Ole Miss
16 Stanford Mississippi State USC
17 LSU Wisconsin Ohio State
18 USC LSU Kansas State
19 Wisconsin Nebraska Clemson
20 BYU Ohio State Oklahoma State
21 Nebraska BYU South Carolina
22 Ohio State USC Florida
23 East Carolina Duke Mississippi State
24 Oklahoma State East Carolina Arizona State
25 Kansas State Kansas State BYU

Auburn: No movement in either poll, this week. Still no first place votes. No one above us lost and no one immediately behind us had a particularly big win. Auburn played a very tough game on the road against Kansas State - a top 20 team at the time - so part of the brutal schedule is behind us, now. Oregon looked sloppy last night at times on the road vs Washington State, giving up numerous sacks, but they didn't lose, so they stay up there. Oklahoma had all it could handle from West Virginia for much of their game. The fact still remains that if Auburn takes care of business throughout the season there is absolutely no doubt we will be in the top 4. That path is looking even tougher in some ways, now.

SEC: Alabama is still up there at #2 in the Coaches Poll and #3 in the AP Poll. Texas A&M is creeping up on the Top 5, as well, even receiving four first place votes in the Coaches Poll. Texas A&M has benefitted from a great win at South Carolina - who has looked very questionable outside of the UGA victory - and then steamrolling cupcakes. It will be interesting to see how they look in the meat of SEC play.

LSU was ranked #8 in both polls last week, but takes a big hit following the loss at home to Mississippi State to #18 in the Coaches Poll and #17 in the AP Poll.

Ole Miss, Georgia, and South Carolina benefit from the LSU loss and move up a bit to #s 11, 13, and 15 respectively in the Coaches Poll. As far as the AP Poll, Ole Miss stayed at #10 (Michigan State leapt them from the #11 spot), while UGA and South Carolina jumped to #12 and #13.

Meanwhile Missouri drops out of the Top 25 following a loss at home to Indiana. Then there is Mississippi State leaping in to the Top 25 following their defeat of LSU with a ranking of 16th in the Coaches Poll and 14th in the AP Poll after being unranked, previously. So if you're counting at home, that means every SEC West team except Arkansas is in the Top 25 in some fashion, and I'm not so sure the Hawgs don't belong in the conversation. They are getting better every week.

The Schedule: One of those really tough games is down, but there are still many to go. The game in Starkville is suddenly looking much tougher, though Auburn's defensive performance against Kansas State should give Auburn fans a bit more hope in the defense's ability to contain Dak Prescott. Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, UGA, LSU, South Carolina, Mississippi State are the remaining ranked teams on Auburn's schedule. All of those teams are in the Top 20.

Kansas State dropped back to #25 in the Coaches Poll and the AP Poll, so that means Auburn has or will face EIGHT teams in both major Top 25s. As pointed out before, if Auburn runs this particular table, it may be one of the greatest seasons in college football history.