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Coffee and Magnolia: Sept. 23

Tuesday reading

Jamie Squire

Good morning, C&M readers.

Sophomore DB Josh Holsey was named the SEC's defensive player of the week yesterday for his performance at Kansas State on Thursday. He made a career-best eleven tackles while playing at safety, away from his usual corner spot, as a fill-in for the suspended Jermaine Whitehead.

Tiger Talk was last night and Gus Malzahn talked with fans, answered questions and talked about last week and this week. He mentioned Auburn's having eight currently ranked teams still to play on their regular season schedule, calling it "probably the toughest schedule in college football." He also said nothing has changed about Whitehead's status.

Joel Erickson's Film Studies went up yesterday at In the offense's version he discusses Corey Grant getting some snaps back last week and Duke Williams continuing to solidify himself as the number one target for Nick Marshall. On the defensive side, Erickson talks about the Tigers more extensively using their Cinco 3-3-5 and the different blitzes being dialed up by Ellis Johnson.

Erickson's partner at the flagship, Brandon Marcello, broke down a lot about last week's win into numbers, ranging from directions of runs to throw charts to YAC.

In some brief news from what other coaches are saying about Auburn, last week's defeated coach, Bill Snyder, corrected the dramatizations of his post-game remarks about signals, saying he never accused Auburn of cheating. This week's opponent, Skip Holtz, said he thinks Auburn is "much better" this season than they were in 2013.

And looking a little bit ahead, October 4's home game with LSU will be the ESPN primetime game, airing at 6 pm central.

That's all for today; sorry it's brief. If you need more, go read this weekend's game notes at Auburn's Gameday Central website.

Editor's Addition: In case you missed the FanShot yesterday (which is still on the Front Page), SB Nation's sister-site has a new look and layout. They're now on the same Chorus system as SB Nation, which means we can snag articles from there and place them here. Why should you care? Because the previous College and Magnolia Managing Editor, Chris Fuhrmeister, is over at Eater Atlanta writing about all of the awesome food places in the Atlanta area. You guys should totally go over there and check out his work. If you don't love in Atlanta, then the main site may be able to direct you to a regional site that IS near you. Go forth and EAT. ALL. THE. THINGS.