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23 September 2014 Gus Malzahn Press Conference Summary

All credit goes to the beat writers. If you want instantaneous Auburn information, they are the ones who will get it and put it out first.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

And uncalled blocks in the back. Don't forget those.

We've already seen this with kickoffs late in some games, and with the first punt in the KSU game.

Hate to hear this. Diamond has been dealing with injury issues his whole time here at Auburn.

If you haven't already heard, Bielema sent Gus a text after the KSU congratulating him on the victory. Bielema knows how tough Manhattan is from his time there as co-defensive coordinator in 2002-03.

If you've missed it, Justin Hokanson is back covering the Tigers after the expiration of a "non-compete" clause from his time with Rivals. He is now with AuburnUndercover, the Auburn 247sports site.

I include this because it is likely a reference (though I haven't heard the question asked) to this report from that Auburn may be recruiting former UGA defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor, who was dismissed from UGA for, among other things, "aggravated assault/family violence." I don't know the full details, but I hope we don't take Taylor. We don't need to continue the perception many have of Auburn recruiting thugs or criminals. I realize we've had great success with cast offs from other schools, but I really don't like the perception that Auburn is taking anyone just in order to win.

Taylor may be a new person, but from his quotes I'm not so sure that's the case. Let's hope that the report from is just misleading and that the only reason there is any discussions with him is because Rodney Garner is trying to reach out and provide support to a former recruit of his at UGA.