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Auburn vs Louisiana Tech Predictions

The staff weighs in on Saturday's game.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Roberts

Don't be surprised to see some experimentation this game. Auburn is the much more talented team so I think we may see the coaching staff try some different schemes. That being said, the offense gets back on track and defense continues to improve. My players to watch are Cameron Artis Payne and Monty Adams. No stress this weekend. Auburn 52-17. WDE


Auburn rolls out the red carpet for Senator Lou Holtz's son's team but by the end of the first quarter, La Tech wishes its Receivers coach Tim Rattay had eligibility left. Mack VanGorder secures two interceptions in second half action while Wallace throws one touchdown and runs for another. Auburn 66 La Tech 10.


I don't know much about the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, but I know they lost to an FCS team. I know a fair amount about the Auburn Tigers, including the fact that their offense didn't live up to their own expectations against Kansas State. I bet we see a focused team trying to iron out any issues before facing LSU and Mississippi State the next two weeks. 56-9

Dusty Miller

This game will be more about Auburn than LaTech. Offense will use this game to iron out some issues. I expect Auburn to score… a lot. I'm hoping the starters are out after halftime and they avoid injury. 56-13 in an excitingly boring game

Dr Z

Auburn has a huge talent advantage in this one, mainly because La Tech is in Ruston, Louisiana. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to Ruston, but it is one notch above Lake Charles in the worst places in Louisiana to live. No high school player says ‘I’d really like to spend my college career in Ruston, LA." I mean, think about it, when you have to go to Shreveport to have a nice home game, that says it all. More Jeremy Johnson and Rock Thomas in this one, please…

Auburn-56 Tech 10

Sam Butler

Louisiana Tech lost to FCS Northwestern State. Auburn is slightly better than Northwestern State. 63-7 Auburn

Emily Rios

I'd love for this to be a surgical, technically precise team imposing it's will on the Bulldogs. Great blocking, no WR drops, attacking defense. I doubt that happens, but I'll be happy if Auburn has scored enough points by halftime that Jeremy Johnson, Roc Thomas and Peyton Barber light up the scoreboard in the second half. 45-13

Austin Lankford

Gus is going to get the wheels back on our running game. Last week was a little out of sync so I see CAP and Grant getting a lot of touches early. We need to be able to run the ball during the heart of our schedule. No better game to get the running game rolling than Homecoming.

Auburn 48 La Tech 10

Josh Dowdy

I found Ruston charming enough, but we only saw one block of downtown, and it was getting dark. The sun will set early on the Bulldogs Saturday. Auburn 79 - La. Tech 0

Oscar Whiskey

I would like to see another solid outing from Auburn's defense to cement their confidence preparing for LSU next week. As well as a bit more focus on the passing game. Not so much to run up the score but to get Marshall to look around and to stop looking for just the deep throws. 42-7 is a reasonable outcome to me.

Peggy Rossmanith

I know nothing about LA Tech. Still, I think Auburn wins 62-10. I think this is the game Gus cracks 60.

Bobby Barkley

This is a weird game to me, but it should be a clinic for our offense to get back on track before facing an LSU team that is sure to still be pissed about losing at Death DAN MULLEN. I agree with Peggy and perhaps a few others who think this should be a game where Gus breaks the 60-point mark, but based on my predictions for the season so far, I'm still not counting on it. LA Tech has a pretty decent quarterback-receiver tandem that's similar in stature to the teams we've played so far this year, so look for our defense to be tested early. I'm pretty confident that Ellis Johnson won't have to wait for halftime to make any adjustments.

Keep in mind that this team put 16 points on Oklahoma--even though the Sooners have given up 66 points so far this year (compared to Auburn's 48, yet who does the media think is the real pretender? BLEH). Statistically, LA Tech's passing game is on par with--if not better than--San Jose State's, and the latter gave us a few "oh boy..." moments early in that game. Plus, with a quarterback who's 6-2, 215, I expect our front 4 to take care of business if Cody Sokol decides that it's (Bane voice) "Time to go mobiiiille."

On our show yesterday, I predicted 38-7. For the sole sake of shaking things up, I'll go with 41-6. WDE.

Franklin Featherston

48-17 Auburn. Rhett Lashlee will get the offense rolling while Ellis Johnson's group will continue to play well. This will be a great week to work on the small details before beginning a tough stretch with LSU.


The Tigers roll with little to no problems. Marshall and the receivers will work on their passing a bit more and we'll see a good bit of Roc Thomas in the second half. The Tigers win 54-10.