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Post Week 5 College Football Polls

We're through five weeks of football, and there was little turmoil in Top 25 action this week. This article will be updated with the AP Poll is released this afternoon.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Week five in college football didn't have too many major upsets. Only two top 25 teams lost, one in the only match-up of two ranked teams for the weekend, and the other to a team that had just fallen out of the polls last week. Let's take a look at the polls..

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Florida State Oklahoma
3 Alabama Oklahoma Oregon
4 Oklahoma Oregon Auburn
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Texas A&M Baylor UCLA
7 Baylor Texas A&M Georgia
8 UCLA Notre Dame Baylor
9 Notre Dame UCLA Florida State
10 Michigan State Michigan State Stanford
11 Ole Miss Ole Miss Michigan State
12 Mississippi State Georgia Notre Dame
13 Georgia Stanford LSU
14 Stanford Mississippi State USC
15 LSU LSU Ole Miss
16 USC Wisconsin Wisconsin
17 Wisconsin Nebraska Ohio State
18 BYU Ohio State Kansas State
19 Nebraska BYU Florida
20 Ohio State USC Clemson
21 Oklahoma State East Carolina Oklahoma State
22 East Carolina Kansas State South Carolina
23 Kansas State Oklahoma State BYU
24 Missouri Arizona State Mississippi State
25 TCU TCU Texas

Auburn: Still sitting at #5. I'm almost a bit surprised, but the final score of the LA Tech game makes it appear that Auburn played more as it should have played rather than how it actually played. I wonder if when the season is over and the committee is looking at shared opponents between teams, they will do as they said and take injuries into account. Losing Pat Miller early in this game was a big blow to Auburn's offensive line. The defensive performance was hampered by losing both linebackers with significant playing time left, as well. An injury-riddled Auburn defeated Louisiana Tech by a score similar to how Oklahoma played them in the season opener (45-17 vs 48-16). This makes the big assumption that Auburn and Oklahoma are both in the hunt at the end, of course.

SEC: Alabama and Mississippi State were off, but FSU's struggles with NCSU were enough to give them the bump to #1 in the Coaches Poll. Georgia struggled with Tennessee at home, Texas A&M struggled against Arkansas at Jerryworld, South Carolina fell to Missouri, Ole Miss struggled with Memphis until the 4th quarter before pulling away for a 24-3 victory, and LSU mangled Sun Belt bottom-dweller New Mexico State 63-7. So how did that play out in the rankings? Well, South Carolina took a big hit after suffering its second loss of the season and falls out of the Top 25 completely. Arizona State (was #12 in the Coaches Poll, #15 in the AP) losing to UCLA opens the door for LSU, Georgia, and Mississippi State to move up in the Coaches Poll. Georgia moved up one spot to #12 in the Coaches Poll, MSU two spots to #14, and LSU three spots to #15.

In the AP Poll, only LSU of that group was ranked lower than Arizona State. Alabama, Auburn, and Texas A&M maintained their ranks. Ole Miss dropped one spot from #10 to #11, while Mississippi State jumped up two spots to #12. I'm not really sure how that happens on an off week for MSU, but there it is. Georgia dropped a spot to #13 after its struggle with Tennessee at home, and LSU moved up to #15. South Carolina also dropped out of the AP Top 25 along with the Coaches' Poll.

The Schedule: South Carolina dropped out completely, so Auburn is back to having only seven ranked opponents on its schedule. As noted above, a few SEC teams saw their rankings go up, and Kansas State won again over UTEP, so everyone else remained inside the Top 25 in both polls. Of the remaining eight games, only South Carolina and FCS Samford are unranked at this time. Buckle up, everyone. It's time to run The Gauntlet.