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San Jose State vs Auburn: The First Time Ever

Let's examine our sparkly new opponent for this week.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I started a column where we look back at a classic game between Auburn and our opponent for the week. There's just one problem with that this week: we've never played San Jose State University. So, instead of a look back at a classic game, let's take some time to get to know the San Jose State Spartans.

According to Wikipedia, the Spartans have played  football for almost as long as our Tigers have been. Their first team hit the field in 1893, and they have won 16 conference championships with their first being in 1932 and their last in 1991. Their all-time record is 471-468-37, for a .502 winning percentage. They boast an impressive resume of famous alumni and players, including Super Bowl winning coaches Bill Walsh and Dick Vermeil.

The Spartans are currently led by head coach Ron Caragher. Their home stadium holds 30,456 people and is field turf. Their defensive coordinator is Greg Robinson. Yes. That Greg Robinson.



If you want to know what they look like, I highly recommend checking out Clint Richardson's post on their uniforms.

Have you ever been to the site I never have until searching for info about the match-up. They have some pretty neat tools comparing the history of the teams with interactive graphs and other info. Go check it out!

So that's a very quick run-down on the Spartans. We'll have a Q&A with SB Nation site "Mountain West Connection" tomorrow, hopefully, and Tuco will be along to tell you about their offense.