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You like Quan Bray puns? You like mad-libs? GREAT NEWS.

Saturday saw a historic hailstorm of verbally clever variations of Quan's and Bray's like we've never seen.

Run, Quan, run. Pun, Barners, Pun.
Run, Quan, run. Pun, Barners, Pun.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was a pretty good day for Auburn. Saturday was a pretty GREAT day for Mr. Quan Bray. Number Four (The Ambassador, Rich Homie, etc.) hauled in 2 receptions for scores and returned a punt for a touchdown just for good measure. I mean, we've got Duke Williams, Sammie Coates, Ricardo Louis, Marcus Davis, Melvin Ray...shoot, sometimes it's crazy that we forgot about Bray ($1 Twitter). The only thing better than a fantastic day for Quan Bray?


(For the sake of wading through the jungle that is Game Day Twitter from Saturday, we'll let you search for yourself. Trust us. There were so many puns.)

Isn't Twitter fun? Here's something even more fun. A Quan Bray mad-lib!!! Here are the rules/guidelines:

1. Using only the words "Quan" or "Bray" (and/or obviously, variations of these words), fill in the blanks using the clues below each one.

2. There are 31 blanks plus a bonus blank for those creative artists whose egos are fragile and require stroking like a Siamese Cat. So, 31 possible points, plus a tie-breaker. (CAVEAT: I hold two degrees in English, which means I've sworn off math forever. I could be wrong about the number of blanks. Heads up.)

3. Only I, Bobby Barkley, the son of Barn, the smoker of the Orange Dye, the keeper of the Cam (bobbleheads), the NUMBER ONE JESSE PALMER HATER, have the answer key, which I will reveal at the right time (aka sometime later today on College and Mag). Winner gets bragging rights on...hmmm...Twitter? Yeah, my Twitter feed.

4. Print out the mad-lib (there are two pages below, mind you) by clicking on the links below the pictures, fill it out with a pen, then email it to me at Make the subject line "Quan Bray Mad-Lib," EXACTLY. I'll probably find a way to show off the first, eh, 10 or so. The key is to be creative with the bonus blank (the clue is something like ???????????? fat guy touchdowns ??????????).

5. YES. I can hardly claim any of these. So if you get mad because you think you tweeted these first, remember that a) it's not that hard, b) I mean, his's so easy, and c) @grantbland has been tweeting "Quantanamo Bray" for like, 3 years, so GET OFF HIS LAWN, PEOPLE. I think everyone of these has been thought of at some point. Deal with it.

And look, ALSO YES. We know it's stupid. It's SO stupid. But you know what? So is work, so just deal with that, also. If your boss asks you what you're doing, just look him or her dead in the eyes and say, "Quan't you see I'm busy?"

I'm so sorry. Good luck. b_b




(Click these links for the printable version)

Quan Bray Mad-Lib Page 1

Quan Bray Mad-Lib Page 2