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Auburn vs San Jose State Predictions

College and Magnolia's staff predicts this weekend's game.

Mike Zarrilli

Emily Rios

Limited playbook, lots of new guys on the field in the second half (Roc Thomas, please?). It would make my heart happy to see Jonathan Wallace in the game for the entire fourth quarter. 52-21.

Chris Roberts

No letdown this week against San Jose State. Offense scores early and often and game is well in hand at halftime unlike last week. Lots of backups and freshmen play in the 2nd half with Roc Thomas electrifying with a long TD run. San Jose State manages a few points in the rout.
Auburn 55- SJSU 17

Dusty Miller

I expect Auburn to be very basic this week. It should be a week to work on execution. If the first half goes as planned, we could see a lot of young guys get some time in the second half. 53-10 Tigers.


Auburn scores at will even with a limited offensive playbook but gives up some big plays to San Jose's offense. Auburn wins 55-24

Jared Robertson

Surprised a bit with the lack of confidence in the defense from the predictions so far. I think Auburn comes out inspired in the first half and holds San Jose State to a field goal. A lot of points from Auburn in the first half and a lot of Jeremy Johnson and JWall in the second half. SJSU picks up a couple garbage time scores. 56-13, Barn.

Sam Butler

First start for Nick on the season, and we'll finally get to see the full game plan (for however long Gus keeps the starters in). Really excited to see the freshmen get some action, especially Roc. 52-13 Auburn.

Peggy Rossmanith

I'm hoping all the starters are out by halftime and we get to see how bright the future looks, i.e., Roc Thomas. 56-10, Auburn Tigers


The Tigers move the ball up and down the field with ease and score early and often. The Spartans will have big plays here and there, but sustained drives will be hard to come by. Jeremy Johnson gets a couple drives all to himself rather than a play or two and most of the last quarter is run off by Jonathan Wallace, Peyton Barber, and maaaybe Roc Thomas. Auburn, 49-17.

Austin Lankford

We will probably see as much of Jeremy Johnson as we did in the first game. The Southern heat will get to the Spartans and our offense wears them down. Auburn wins 52 - 14.

Dr. Z

I look for Marshall to throw more in this game given that he only threw 6 balls last week. That and just to keep him from taking any unnecessary hits on the zone read. Look for San Jose to get "Roc-ed"in the second half. Auburn 49-San Jose 14

Franklin Featherston

I think we'll get our first look at Nick Marshall's improved passing ability as well as Roc Thomas. The Auburn defense will give up some big plays to San Jose State but will stand strong in the end. 52-17 Auburn.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn will hang on to win ​62-10

Josh Dowdy

The Spartans will be a long way from San José, but not any closer to pay dirt.
AU 68 SJSU 0

Walt Austin

I see this game being very similar to last week in many respects, only without the punts on Auburn's part. I do think SJSU will be able to score on us early, and they may put a fair number of points on the board. I'm guessing they score between 17-24 points. However, Auburn will be able to score pretty much at will, and the final will be in the neighborhood of 56-20.

And finally Oscar Whiskey here is to sum it up in as no-nonsense a manner as can be:

Oscar Whiskey

Auburn wins by scoring more points than San Jose State.