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Auburn vs San Jose State: How To Watch, Game Preview, and Weekly Review

Auburn takes on San Jose State this weekend on the Plains.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

When: The game starts at 6pm CDT

Where: Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn AL

How Can I Watch? You can watch on ESPN2, ESPN3, or the WatchESPN app (depending on where you live and whether ESPN blacks it out in your area). Auburn's official site has also put together this wonderful compendium of all the ways to watch the game.

I'll be in the stands for this one in my spot for the season. I'm happy to report that I can indeed hear the band from my seats. I was worried about that last week, but the fear proved unfounded. Also, the cell reception was much improved over last season. Of course, last season I was deep in the bowl of the stadium on the front row, whereas this season I'm in the open air of the upper deck, but I'm going to choose to believe it's due to the efforts of Auburn's game day improvements.

What Are the Key Storylines? How will Auburn's defense fare against SJSU's passing offense? Auburn's defense looked sketchy at times last week, playing out of position, over-pursuing, or just down-right not playing that well. It improved greatly in the second half, but there were still some key pass drops that helped stall Arkansas drives that had nothing to do with Auburn defenders. A good pass rush will be key in holding down the number of points SJSU is able to score. Hopefully some of the issues involved with that last weekend have been worked out for this Saturday's game.

I think we're all fairly confident that the Auburn offense will score almost at will, so the only question there will be who we see play and for how long. I suspect we will see more of Jeremy Johnson in this game, and also that Peyton Barber will get more playing time at RB. There will also hopefully be a Roc Thomas sighting or three or ten.

San Jose State is no push-over. They were 6-6 last season, and a bowl team the year before. The signs still point to this being a large Auburn victory, but I still believe it will be similar to last weekend's game against Arkansas. They will score some points on us in the first half and it will be a fairly interesting and entertaining game during that time frame. I don't think it will be a 21-21 tie at the half, but 28-17 is possible.

One thing that may play a part into limiting scoring on both sides is the weather. This Saturday is predicted to be much like last Saturday. There have been afternoon thunderstorms starting around 4pm and lasting through close to 6pm all week in Auburn, and I suspect Saturday will be no different. There may be a delay in getting this one started, and there is the chance of rain that will make the ball slippery for the QBs. We'll see how that may impact things if it happens.

At the final whistle, I believe the score will be 56-20 in favor of the good guys.

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We hope you enjoyed this week and that all who are coming down to the game this weekend have a safe trip and go home celebrating a victory over the Spartans!

War Eagle!