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Nick Marshall News and Senior Bowl Weigh-In

Taking a look at the Senior Bowl weigh-in this morning and getting to some Nick Marshall news.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl held it's height / weight extravaganza this morning, and folks from around the country learned a bit more about the height and weight of some football players vs what their schools listed them at.

Here are how the Auburn Tigers stacked up:

Player Senior Bowl Ht/Wt School Ht/Wt
Cameron Artis-Payne 5-9.5 / 212 5-10 / 210
Sammie Coates 6-0.6 / 213 6-2 / 201
Reese Dismukes 6-2.7 / 297 6-3 / 296
Nick Marshall 6-1.4 / 205 6-1 / 210
CJ Uzomah 6-5.1 / 263 6-5 / 264
Gabe Wright 6-2.7 / 299 6-2 / 284

As someone posted on Twitter, Gus Malzahn's teams have been pretty good at accurate height / weight reporting. This table indicates that is the case. What I really find interesting is how there are individuals who measured taller this morning at the Senior Bowl than they were listed on campus. You normally see that the other way around.

Some of the weight fluctuations can be attributed to weight gain during the season. I doubt Gabe Wright was still on the heavy weight-training that resulted in his significant weight loss in the off season as the season progressed this year. Sammie Coates being 12 pounds heavier is a bit surprising, though.

Nick Marshall News

Numerous outlets have reported it, but Nick Marshall has decided to move to DB for purposes of the NFL Draft. He's been working at that position preparing for the draft, but he will still get work at QB in the Senior Bowl. Marshall started his collegiate career as a DB at the University of Georgia before switching to Quarterback in Junior College.

I have no doubt Nick will do well, there. I would not be surprised to see him end up in some roles similar to Devin Hester in his early career before he switched to offense full-time, though. Marshall is just so dynamic a play-maker, that it's a shame to think of him not getting to touch the ball in the pros without getting an interception.

Given that he's making the move for the Draft, one wonders why he's playing QB in the Senior Bowl. I would hazard a guess that it's due to a hope that just maybe some teams will think more about giving him a shot at Quarterback. We, of course, wish him the best wherever he goes, and will fondly remember him as one of the most exciting QBs to ever wear orange and blue.