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Auburn vs Mississippi State Game Open Thread

It's Tigers and Bulldogs from Auburn Arena

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn is on a nice home winning streak, and looking to get ahead of the .500 number in the SEC tonight against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Mississippi State hasn't exactly played well so far this season, but they did get the upset victory over Vanderbilt in their last game and have looked better of late. They are not a team to be overlooked by Auburn, tonight.

Auburn is doing something a bit different with a "White Out" of Auburn Arena, tonight. Hopefully that goes well and looks great on TV. We know The Jungle will look good.

In addition, let's hope the fans follow Coach Pearl's wishes and stand and get loud when the team comes back out for the second half. Auburn Arena has the potential to be a ridulous home court advantage if the crowd will get into the game consistently. Coach Pearl has asked for your help, people. Are you really going to deny him that?

Get ready. It's time for Auburn Basketball.