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Auburn and the 2015 NFL Draft

Several former Tigers are hoping to play ball at the next level. Several bloggers scouts have opinions on that.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl is taking place this weekend and, if you haven't noticed, #DraftTwitter has come alive. We now know that Cameron Artis-Payne is 5' 9 5/8" tall (5095 in draft-speak, I think) and that Nick Marshall will play defensive back with his 9 3/8" hands. Oh, and Gabe Wright weighs 299 pounds. Are you keeping notes? You should keep notes.

Anyway, Auburn has 22 draft-eligible players and various "big boards" and "mock drafts" will be published with some of those Tigers listed. And over the next 90 days or so (yes, it's gonna be a long draft season), we'll get to see "whose stock has risen" and "whose stock has fallen" and such.

I've compiled a few of those lists from various places across the web to get an idea of what to expect on draft day. Keep in mind that some of these sources only have positional or overall rankings while some have both and the length of each list varies from author to author. Also, if you have favorite "draftniks" recommend them in the comments and I might add them next time.

Next time, as in, whenever a significant event has taken place and evaluations actual shift. I'm not going to update this every week or anything.

Mocking the Draft and Huge Upside get the graphic treatment.

A few other sources are included in the table below. This is where your suggestions could come in handy.

Name Mocking the Draft Bleacher Report Fox Sports CBS Sports Draft Breakdown
Artis-Payne, Cameron 19pos 12pos 8pos, 78ovr
Coates, Sammie 9pos 6pos, 30ovr 6pos, 27ovr 6pos, 26ovr
Dismukes, Reese 1pos 2pos 1pos 1pos, 53ovr
Grant, Corey 23pos 26pos, 321ovr
Marshall, Nick 14pos (qb) 9pos, 232ovr (fs)
Mincy, Jonathon 30pos 30pos 35pos, 309ovr
Uzomah, C.J. 11pos 16pos, 285ovr
Whitehead, Jermaine 9pos 8pos
Wright, Gabe 12pos 9pos 10pos,109ovr

Well, there you have it. Let's see how it changes and how it all pans out over then next 3+ months.

Now tell me how to better present this information. All graphics? All table? Separate the graphics by site like above or separate the graphics by player (and making the source selectable)? By all means, let me know.