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Coffee and Magnolia: 22 January 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

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LB Khari Harding is leaving the program and transferring to Tulsa to be closer to his family. His father is battling cancer, and we send prayers their way and wish he and his family all the best in the future.

Auburn will have brand new players at the H-Back and TE positions next season. When I say brand new players, I really mean it. I don't believe any of the players we expect to see time at those positions have played a minute of college football, yet. takes a look at who will be playing those positions in the above linked article.

I wrote a thing about the Auburn-Georgia Tech series, yesterday. I'm amazed at the lack of "absolutely no" responses I've seen in a number of places at the thought of that series. Especially when people equate it to how often we've played Clemson of late. We've played Clemson a LOOOOOT more since 1987 than we've played Georgia Tech.

We'll have a look at Auburn players in this year's draft a bit later today, but Mel Kiper, Jr is already looking ahead to next season. Surprise, surprise, he believes D'haquille Williams could be the #1 receiver in next year's draft class.

Auburn target Prince Tego Wanogho, Jr underwent surgery this morning. He sustained a nasty injury in a basketball game on Tuesday night. The good news is that it appears he can make a full recovery.

In great news for Auburn fans, Kerryon Johnson has canceled his official visit to Alabama that was going to be this weekend. It appears he is solidly in the Auburn camp.

Auburn's six players in this year's Senior Bowl have been doing fairly well in practice, so far. Nick Marshall is continuing to improve at cornerback, Sammie Coates, is wowing people, and Auburn's other players are also turning some heads.


That was ugly.

The men will next take the court on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa against Alabama. The women take on Alabama tonight in Tuscaloosa.