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Auburn Recruiting: Jan 23-25 Visitors

Who is visiting Auburn this weekend?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

As with last weekend, this is subject to change with additions and subtractions as they become known. The information I get for this comes from Twitter,, and 247Sports.


4* LB Richard McBride - Auburn Commit.

3* CB Jeremiah Dinson - A Kentucky commit that Auburn has recently offered. Could we be doing a one-for-one swap with Chris Westry and Dinson?


4* CB Jordan Colbert - Auburn Commit and the best recruiter for the Tigers in this class. Colbert has been hitting up other recruits hard and it says a lot that he would be coming back for this weekend.


5* WR Preston Williams - A UT commit, Williams was looking iffy on visiting this weekend, but the departure of the Vols' Offensive Coordinator yesterday makes this visit a little more likely to happen.


5* DT Daylon Mack was scheduled to visit, but that visit is now canceled. He is likely headed to Aggieland or TCU.

One of the recruits last weekend hinted that some of last weekend's star recruits who visited on official visits could come back to town for unofficial visits this weekend. I don't know if that would be the case, but if it happened it would definitely increase the likelihood that Auburn lands them.

I'm sure many of you are looking at this and saying "wow, that's a down weekend compared to last weekend." You're right, but you have to remember that weekends like Auburn had last week are extremely rare this close to signing day. It would be nice for Auburn to have gotten all of those guys in next weekend on the final trips before signing day, but I think Auburn just wanted to make sure it got all of them to visit. Moreover, I think Auburn wanted to make sure that many of them visited at the same time.

If you can get someone on campus at Auburn, you vastly increase your chances of landing them. If you get them on campus with other star athletes and get them all thinking and talking about playing together, then you REALLY get some momentum going.

Want proof? Look at CeCe Jefferson, Byron Cowart, and Jeff Holland talk about wanting to play together, now. Many think Auburn has Holland locked up (though I emphasize that nothing is certain in recruiting), and that Cowart is starting to really lean this way. There are even some indications that Auburn may getting in a little better with 5* WR Terry Godwin - a UGA commit - after last weekend. I think it's highly likely that visiting with all of those other big time recruits helped with that.

Of course, it could backfire and they all end up at UF, but Auburn still took the shot. This weekend is a small one comparatively, but there could always be some surprises. Next weekend will likely see a much more impressive list of visitors.