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Auburn Recruiting: Updating the Visitors

247Sports has published their expected visitor list for this weekend, now. With that and with some other information from Twitter, we can now at least put this together.


5* WR Preston Williams - A UT commit, Williams was looking iffy on visiting this weekend, but the departure of the Vols' Offensive Coordinator yesterday made this visit more likely to happen. Through 247Sports, we now know that he has arrived on campus.

4* CB Carlton Davis - An Ohio State commit, this is a big win for the Tigers to get him on campus. Auburn is currently without any CB commitments with the departure of Chris Westry. Davis knows Auburn cornerbacks coach Travaris Robinson well, and Auburn is much closer to home than Columbus, OH. Other than that, I have no idea how much the Tigers are in play.

4* LB Richard McBride - Auburn Commit.

3* CB Jeremiah Dinson - A Kentucky commit that Auburn has recently offered. Could we be doing a one-for-one swap with Chris Westry and Dinson?

3* P Ian Shannon - An Auburn commit who has never wavered from the Tigers.


4* CB Jordan Colbert - Auburn Commit and the best recruiter for the Tigers in this class. Colbert has been hitting up other recruits hard and it says a lot that he would be coming back for this weekend.


WR Camion Patrick - This is an unknown to me, but 247Sports listed him in their article and seem pretty high on him. We know Auburn wants to take some receivers in this class. If they could swing Terry Godwin away from UGA and Preston Williams from Tennessee, you would think the Tigers would shut it down on WR recruiting. However, I doubt the Tigers are able to snag both of them (and it's a long-shot that they'll get either one of them, really), so Gus & Co continue to look around.