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National Signing Day 2015: Where Does Auburn Stand One Week Out?

Auburn has 21 commitments, likely just 7 more spots, and a ton of targets still on the board.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

With one week to go until Signing Day, Auburn is sitting at the 11th ranked class in the nation according to 247Sports. That sounds pretty good at first, until you realize that is only good for 6th in the SEC.

Twenty-one high school and/or Junior College kids have pledged that they will sign with the Tigers. Of those, eight are already on campus and enrolled at Auburn. There are seven spots remaining in the Tigers' class (assuming they stick to the twenty-eight number), and more than seven targets Auburn is still pursuing.

That type of thing happens. We're not going to hit on every big target that we want. There will be surprises, misses, and drama.

Take this, for instance. Auburn is wanting to take at least two cornerbacks in this class. One, Jeremiah Dinson, committed just the other day. Another target - 3* Sheldrick Redwine - has been committed to Louisville. It was reported last night that he decommitted from Louisville. Then, this happened this morning...

Apparently Auburn was not ready to take his commitment. The reason? Probably because Auburn still feels it has an excellent chance at landing 4* CB Carlton Davis, who is a current Ohio State commitment, or 3* Davante Davis, a Texas commit.

Auburn could take three cornerbacks, but that is three of the seven slots. That leaves just four slots. Let's take a look at what we've got so far.

Name Star Ranking Position
JUCO enrollees
Jovon Robinson 4* RB
Jason Smith 4* ATH
Maurice Swain 3* DT
HS Early Enrollees
Tyler Queen 4* QB
Chandler Cox 3* H-Back/TE/FB
Tyler Carr 4* OG
Bailey Sharp 4* OT
Tim Irvin 3* S
Kerryon Johnson 4* ATH
Darrell Williams 4* OLB
Jordan Colbert 4* S
Richard McBryde 4* OLB
D'Anfernee McGriff 4* RB/WR
Marquel Harrell 4* OG
Kaleb Kim 4* OC
Montavious Atkinson 4* ILB/DB
Elijah Sullivan 3* OLB
Jauntavius Johnson 3* DT
Jalen Harris 3* TE
Jeremiah Dinson 3* CB
Ian Shannon 3* Punter

Those are the twenty-one currently on board the Gus Bus. So, who are we trying to convince to join up?

KNOWN TARGETS Star Ranking Position
Martez Ivey 5* OT
Bryon Cowart 5* SDE
Terry Goodwin 5* WR
CeCe Jefferson 5* SDE
Terry Beckner, Jr 5* SDE
Jeffrey Holland 4* OLB
John Burt 4* WR
Arden Key 4* WDE
Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr 4* SDE
Chidi Valentine-Okeke 4* OT
Ryan Davis 4* WR
Carlton Davis 4* CB
Darius Slayton 4* CB/WR
Torrance Gibson 4* QB/WR
Davante Davis 3* CB
Camion Patrick 3* JUCO WR
G.G. Robinson 3* SDE/DT

That's seventeen players that are still on the board, and I'm sure I missed one or two.  Auburn will only be able to take less than half of those. Personally, I think we can eliminate John Burt, who recommitted to Texas just the other day. The odds of flipping Terry Goodwin from UGA are low, though it could happen. The same can be said for Darius Slayton (also a UGA commit).

My personal gut feeling? Auburn ends up with Jeff Holland, Byron Cowart, Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr, Carlton Davis, Chidi Valentine-Okeke, Camion Patrick, and G.G. Robinson.

Why do I think that? It's a WAG. A Wild-Ass Guess, for those of you who don't speak militarese.

I think Slayton and Goodwin stick with UGA, Davante Davis sticks with Texas, and Gibson stays with Ohio State. Ryan Davis and Martez Ivey end up at Florida, Beckner at Mizzou, and Jefferson at Ole Miss. Arden Key is a wildcard, but I'm guessing he ends up at LSU, though he may be in this class ahead of Prince Tega, I don't know.

According to the 247Sports Class Calculator, that would bump the Tigers up to the 5th ranked class just ahead of Clemson and just behind Tennessee. If Auburn ends up hitting on some of its bigger fish, then the Tigers could have the 3rd or 4th ranked class when all is said and done.

There will be a lot more recruiting information to come. We're hitting the home stretch with seven days to go. Auburn has one more big weekend of visits before the dead period begins, and we'll have a story-stream up for that. In addition, our recruiting writers here will have some much more in-depth looks at the recruiting situation over the weekend.

Have a wish list? Have different thoughts? Sound off below!