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High Expectations as Tigers Softball Begins Season

National Media starts Tigers with highest preseason rank in team history

Months of off-season conditioning and practice are about to be done and the drive to Oklahoma City will begin in earnest. For the Auburn Softball team it is a season that has added pressure applied by some outside sources.

The softball team will start the 2015 season in 7 days with the highest preseason rank in the program's history. Auburn is ranked No. 19 as they start play. As if that was not enough to encourage and challenge Myers' team, the Top 50 Player Watch List was released yesterday highlighting Kasey Cooper and Brandi Melero as Auburn's representatives on the list. The nation will paying more attention to the Tigers this year as they begin year 2 under Myers.

Also, the team has been hand delivering Season Tickets to patrons and posting pics to Facebook and @Auburn_Softball on Twitter. Don't miss your chance to watch what should be an exciting year with some of the best players in the country. Even if you have never been to a softball game in your life, make it a point to get to Auburn to support the Tigers this season. I know that they will appreciate the support and you will have a great time.

Stay tuned to C&M for more news and breakdowns of each series this season.