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Auburn vs North Alabama Game Open Thread

Your place to talk about today's match-up between the Tigers and the Lions

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It's all I can do to resist finding a picture of their mascot, Aubie, some form of bear, and then the George Takai "Oh My" meme picture.

But I'll spare you that. As I said in the "How to Watch" feature, this game should be fairly straight forward. It's a game against a Division II team. In the past that might scare me, but I think you're going to get a pretty decent crowd (though not as loud and fun as when students are in town) and an Auburn team ready to make a good statement to close out non-conference play before the SEC schedule begins.

Hopefully Antoine Mason's performance against MTSU indicates that he's back to 100% and ready to be the prolific scoring threat that we hoped he would be. Trayvon Reed is coming on strong, though he's still learning. Auburn seemed to take much smarter shots against MTSU than they have been, although sloppy play did lead to some turnovers.

On the other hand, the defense played fantastically in the last game. I believe at one point at least five straight MTSU possessions ended on a turnover. I look for Auburn to play very aggressive defense in this game. Whether or not it's closer than we want will depend on what type of shots the Tigers are taking and whether or not they're hitting them.

It should be a fun final tune-up before the team travels to Nashville on Tuesday to face Vanderbilt in the start of SEC play. Enjoy!