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Link sAUsage: 1 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet.

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It's Homecoming Weekend, so there's a lot of stuff happening in town! Everett has you covered on the information you need to know about all of the things taking place.


After two years of running deficits, Auburn's 2015 fiscal year posted a $1.9 million surplus. The $7.5 million from the SEC Network was the difference.


ESPN asks if the SEC will turn the corner in basketball this season. The article talks about all the new facilities, coaches, etc that have been poured into basketball in the SEC over the last half decade.


The Iron Bowl of Soccer is this Thursday at Alabama. Auburn is ranked 8th in the nation and is the highest ranking SEC team.


The Tigers were swept in straight sets last night at home by Texas A&M.


Wanting to know what games to watch this weekend when you're not watching Auburn? Well here's your complete guide to every game that's going on!

Believe it or not, T.J. Davis could play this Saturday against San Jose State. I still find that doubtful, but Malzahn says he's not ruling it out. Davis suffered an ACL injury in the early spring that required surgery. Meanwhile, linebacker Tre Williams is "day-to-day." Which means absolutely nothing in Gusspeak. Meanwhile, Jovon Robinson is still dealing with an ankle injury.

It's a familiar story from last season: lack of a pass rush is hurting Auburn's defense. It sure would be nice if that light bulb flipped on for Byron Cowart and Jeff Holland right now about like it did for Carl Lawson in 2013 4-5 games into the season.

On the offense, the questions revolve around getting the football to Duke. He's been double-teamed at times, this year. That's what happens when you only have 1-2 really good receivers.

Rhett Lashlee talked about that and more during his press conference, Wednesday night. He spoke on the tempo, all of the running backs, Sean White's performance, and more.

Will Auburn be favored in an SEC game left this season? ponders this question. I think it's possible the Tigers could end up favored in one or both of the next two if they have a strong showing against San Jose State. It will depend on the next three games whether they're favored in any games after that.

Has Auburn lost its edge? Are the Tigers not giving their all? That seems to be part of the problem according to John Cubelic, a former Tiger wide receiver.