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Bye Week Saturday Open Thread

No Auburn game!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn is off this weekend, as you well know. But that doesn't mean you can't watch other football games and talk about them here on College and Magnolia!

If you're wondering what games to watch, we've got a handy little TV Guide for you to check out the day's schedule. Pick from the smorgasbord of games around the nation.

If you're curious what the folks on the staff here at College and Magnolia are doing, however, well then check out this thread from yesterday. Personally, I'm about to head to Mt Vernon for the afternoon in Virginia. We walked 8.5 miles around DC last night doing night-time monument sight-seeing, and now I'm a bit sore, and hey that's NOT A GOOD THING since I'm running 10 miles tomorrow morning over much of the exact same terrain I walked last night.

Oh, and if you're in Auburn, go check out the softball team and the soccer team. Support two of Auburn's other sports that have been on some really good runs over the past few years. Everett has all the info you need for that in his Home on the Plains article.