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Link sAUsage: 13 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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So. The Head Ball Coach is retiring. That's just... Wow. We'll have some thoughts and memories on his time in the SEC a bit later today, so hold off in the comments on your own thoughts and we'll compile them all into that one big article/thread. No, it's not Auburn-related. But it is a big day in the SEC when the HBC walks away.


I know y'all have been wanting some baseball coach news. I have, too. Phillip Marshall provided an update yesterday that wasn't paywalled, so you can check it out here. There are some names to be expected in the mix and also some surprising and intriguing ones.


The Tigers will be sporting some new uniforms this year. They'll be revealed on Friday. The hints from pictures seem to indicate a look similar to the 80s according to many due to the stripes shown in the tease pictures so far.

Bruce Pearl was on Tiger Talk last night and mentioned again how pleased he is with his team's ability to shoot the ball. That's going to be important since the leading scorers from last season are gone.


With no game to provide Hindsight on this week, Dr Z instead looks ahead with some Foresight for you. Hopefully the Tigers will get things turned around starting this Thursday night.

I think everyone expected Michigan and Northwestern to be a pretty good game with NW undefeated and Michigan having only one loss and that to Utah. Well, they ended up with an amazingly fast knockout and won the Ronda Rousey Award this week.

Somehow I completely missed that Gus Malzahn did his usual Tuesday morning press conference on Monday, this week. I really took as much of the holiday weekend off as I could and avoided all news until everything just blew up last night with the Spurrier news Here's some links to quick statements from the press conference by

One big thing that did get confirmed by Gus Malzahn during that PC was that back up center Xavier Dampeer is out for an extended period of time due to the injury sustained to his jaw from the Duke Williams incident. Also mentioned was, of course, the QB situation. Gus indicated a decision will be made probably after tomorrow's practice, but who knows if we'll know the answer until Thursday night.

He had a bit more to say during his Thursday night Tiger Talk. I get that people scream when a team goes shotgun on the goal line, but I still say it's risky to put a QB under center when neither the Center or QB have worked on it, much. That's a recipe for fumbling the exchange. Especially if it's a sneak when the QB wants to jump forward quickly as soon as the ball is snapped. Yes, it seems crazy, but I'm a fan of sticking with what you've been practicing. Of course, you could always spend a good bit of practice working on that exact situation, too.

ESPN ponders who should start for Auburn, and honestly if you're just going to go by their play on the field so far this season, then Sean White is the obvious answer, to me. Who knows what the coaches are seeing behind the scenes?

The start time for Arkansas has been announced and ugh, this is not good. I hate 11am kickoffs. I especially hate them against the Hawgs. Please don't let us fall victim to the Hawg Hex this season.