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Link sAUsage: 14 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Oh yeah. This man is right around the corner.
Oh yeah. This man is right around the corner.
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports


The Blue Team clinched a victory in the Auburn Fall World Series thanks to Daniel Robert. Now the Tigers are left wondering who their next head coach will be. According to Phillip Marshall at AuburnUndercover, expect someone to be named by the end of this month. It could even be sooner according to a pay-walled article. The candidates from the previous update are still very much in it and one with connections to Auburn previously may be the leader of the race.


Bruce Pearl and Auburn basketball will host the second annual "Pearl Jam" on October 22nd. This is listed as "open to the public," but I could have sworn last year's event was students only. Either way, it's a fun way to see this year's Auburn Tigers before they take the court for the first exhibition game at the end of the month.


Peggy describes her bye weekend in GIFs in this week's Undercover Barner. Come for the dancing pug. Stay for the dancing Spurrier.

The off-season is dark and full of terrors, and lots of crazy ideas are developed during it. WarRoom Eagle checks in on some of those crazy ideas and where things stand halfway through the 2015 college football season.

Some of us here at College and Magnolia reflected on the Head Ball Coach and what he's meant as an Auburn nemesis and as just a head coach in the SEC. I hated him for so long and then came to appreciate his brilliance. You can read about it, here.

Oh, and Duke Williams broke his silence since being dismissed last week. He took to Instagram to apologize for all of the actions that led to his dismissal from the Auburn football program.

Auburn doesn't play too many Thursday night games. They really don't play too many Thursday night SEC games. They do happen, though. ESPN has a feature on how you game plan for a game on a non-traditional day.

Will Muschamp is trying to find anything to help spark the defense. You can expect two true freshmen to see their first action Thursday night. I'm particularly excited to see big ole Jauntavius Johnson get in the mix.

How did the former Tigers in the NFL do this week? The official site has your update.