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It’s a short week. When the clock strikes 11:50 today and Dr. Neuman (oh, Dr. Neuman) lets us out of Thermo 2, I’ll be on my way to Lexington, Kentucky. Some friends and I are roadtripping all the way there, and camping outside Lexington Thursday night. It’s going to be great. As such, my motivation for writing isn’t at it’s highest. I’m looking ahead, if you will. Kind of like how everybody and their mother thought Auburn might be looking ahead at this point in the season, making Kentucky a trap game for the supposedly top-5 Tigers (Segue, bam!). Funny (or sad, I don’t know) that this now could be considered a trap game for 4-1 UK, who is very much in contention in the East with all of the high profile player or coach losses by other teams this week. This season is CHAOS. And if Auburn can’t be at the top, then dang it, neither can your team!

So anyways, here’s Wonderwall.

Wait, wait, that’s not right. You’re here for this week’s Sterritt Score! Drum roll, please...


I see it. You see it. Let’s just not talk about how West Virginia is at #3, okay? What I said last week still applies, we’re only through four counting games for most teams and we’re just getting into the meat of conference play. Good news is they have to play Baylor this week, who seems ready to drop a 50 spot on them with ease, and TCU after their bye week. The ‘neers are about to be ‘faars from the top. Shut up, that was funny.

If the seasoned ended today, we’d have a crazy Top 4. Also, I’d be super sad, because college football could be played year round and I would still miss it on Mondays. But that’s not the point. Harbaugh looks like he could be coach of the year at this point, and he’s got Michigan in the top spot despite a loss to a really good Utah team. In the #2 spot is Baylor, who ain’t played nobody, PAWLLL, but regardless, they’ve been going scorched earth. Kansas never stood a chance…

See two paragraphs up for my thoughts on #3. I don’t necessarily dislike West Virginia, but I just feel like they hurt the credibility of my rankings when I see them so high. But, if they deserve it, maybe they’ll beat Baylor and make me look good. We shall see.

Florida slides in at #4, which I think they have earned on the field thus far. They’ve got arguably the best win in the country, or at worst, they beat the team with the best win. They’re going to have to show they belong this week, with a TOUGH matchup at LSU without their starting quarterback the rest of the year. It seems like an all around unfortunate situation for Will Grier, but unfortunately, the rules are the rules. The SEC East is in full meltdown right now, what withChubb going down and Spurrier deciding enough was enough last night.

Texas A&M, Utah, Alabama, and Clemson are the next four teams, and one could argue that any or all of them are just as deserving of a top 4 spot. Luckily, there are some great matchups this Saturday that should tell us who belongs at the top. I’ve got #1 Michigan vs #37 Michigan State (hey, they haven’t showed they deserve a top ranking yet), #2 Baylor vs #3 WVU, #4 UF vs #10 LSU, #5 TAMU vs #7 Bama, #6 Utah vs #36 Arizona State, and #11 USC vs #16 Notre Dame. It’s a good thing Auburn plays Thursday, because Saturday is going to be a treat.

I guess now is the time for me to eat a little crow, with Navy unable to beat Notre Dame. Ah, oh well. Such is life in college football. The AAC still has three undefeateds (Houston, Temple, and Memphis), so maybe somebody can pull off an undefeated season. There are currently sixteen undefeateds, with two in the ACC, three in the AAC, three in the Big 10, three in the Big 12, one in the MAC, one in the Pac-12, and three in the SEC.

This week’s biggest winner in the Top 25 was Ole Miss, moving up 18 spots from #37 to #19. They crashed pretty hard after losing to UF, but their strength of schedule is continuously improving and they put up a big win margin and KO against a pretty bad NMSU team. They have an interesting matchup AT undefeated Memphis this week, so that’ll be one to keep an eye on. The biggest loser of last week’s Top 25 was Northwestern, although there were several good candidates (UGA and NC State both dropped by over 15 spots). Michigan, our new #1, beat Northwestern so bad they put a previously unbeaten team into the negatives in average KO time, and dropped them from #14 to #60 in the rankings. According to WarRoom Eagle, this was the fourth biggest knockout in college football since 2005 at almost exactly 59 minutes. It was BAD, folks.

In the conference rankings, the SEC has regained the top spot, with an average ranking at #41.7, and the Big 12 at #42.9. The SEC also still has the highest strength of schedule rating of the conferences, so take that Bob Stoops. Notice that the American is polling closer to the P5 conferences than the rest of the G5 conferences. They may not have the depth that most of the P5’s have, but the American has a handful of extremely capable teams right now that some P5’s may have been suckered into scheduling a few years ago. *Cough* Penn State *cough*.


Nothing major on the Auburn front, with the bye week. We did drop down to #80 from #77, but that’s nothing major. I think it is worth noting that Kentucky is ranked #49, with three conference games already played. I’d love to prove these rankings wrong tomorrow night though!

This short week has been packed with some huge college football news, but this weekend’s slate of games should be just as big, or bigger. I’m actually glad Auburn isn’t playing Saturday, so I can sit back and enjoy the chaos.

Any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments! I set up a new Twitter account specifically for these rankings, so you can follow along @SterrittScore if you’d like.

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