Did Injured Auburn Defensive End Carl Lawson Make The Trip to Lexington?


Twitter user @Toshpointbeau tweeted this picture and others have said that it is indeed Carl Lawson.

So why is this a big deal? Well, he didn't make the 70 man travel roster to LSU. If a player is injured and unable to play, they normally do not travel with the team on road trips. Auburn didn't publicize the Reverse Tiger Walk this week, like normal. Could it have been to disguise Lawson making the trip?

Now this does not mean he will play if he made the trip. It just means he may be a lot closer to it than we think. Or, it could actually mean that #55 is prepared to bring the pain, again. I certainly hope that's what it is. Carl being back would be a massive deal.

And by massive I mean "change the entire outlook on Auburn's defense for the rest of the season" big. We'll find out tomorrow night, I guess.

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