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Link sAUsage: 15 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Some freshmen did some things in the final game of the Fall World Series, but even though the Orange Team won the game, the Blue Team clinched the series as a whole.

It was mentioned yesterday morning about being behind a pay-wall, but now the Montgomery Advertiser is covering it out in the open that Auburn has interviewed Butch Thompson and Jack Leggett for the head baseball coach position. There may be others who get an interview, as well. Right now you really have to think Butch Thompson is the top candidate. Or at least that's how I see it.


The Tigers scrimmaged, again, and Bruce Pearl thinks his team has improved. I don't know what to think about the basketball team this season right now, but I'm starting to feel like Auburn can make a nice little run.


It's Wednesday. Oscar Whiskey's sojourn through the 2015 college football season continues. He's pontificating on just what's been going on with all the craziness this season.

Matt gives us the serious preview for tomorrow night's game in Lexington. there will be a lot more coming today on the game as we try to pack in multiple Friday and Saturday stories into one Thursday. Be looking for all the content!

The AUperations Order is back and looking at the situation in Kentucky. It has information on time lines, places to watch/listen to the game, and lots more.

Oh, hey, Carl Lawson might be with the team in Lexington. That doesn't mean he will play, tonight. He could just be there for support and leadership. However, it's rare for a player who isn't capable of playing to make a road trip. Maybe they just think this is a really big game and need him there with the team. Or, maybe, just maybe, #55 is ready to make a surprise return to the field.

Ryan Sterritt gives us the latest Sterritt Score rankings, and they're starting to make a bit more sense and resemble the polls. It should be interesting to see where that leads going forward as more data is available.

The Kentucky SB Nation site has a brief "Getting to Know You" article on Auburn. It's not exactly informative for Auburn folks, but it's interesting to see how an opponent sees us. Especially one we play so rarely.

Who is playing QB for Auburn Thursday night? Well, you'll all know as soon as I do, since Gus isn't making an announcement until game time. That's frustrating for fans, but it's also frustrating for Kentucky's coaches, too. Or at least it would be if there were distinct differences in the play calling for each QB. There really hasn't been, though.

An interesting story on Auburn running back Peyton Barber and his battle with dyslexia is on ESPN. I didn't know that he had dyslexia. Good for him for persevering to become the man this season for Auburn at running back.

ESPN has some videos on the game, tonight. First there's one focusing more on Kentucky and their preparedness for the game. Then Andy Staples weighs in on the craziness that has been the SEC news cycle this week. Then Chris Fallica breaks down Week 7 in the SEC.