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College Football Week 6 Thursday Night TV Schedule

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There's only one game on tonight that really matters, right? So, why am I posting a Thursday night TV schedule? Well, if you're really so inclined, there is another fairly big game following Auburn vs Kentucky. #18 UCLA will be taking on #15 Stanford on ESPN following our game.

Western Kentucky at North Texas is also tonight, but you're not really going to watch that one, are you? For one, it will be a horrendous slaughter. North Texas just got destroyed by an FCS team last week. For another, it's on when Auburn is!

There's also an NFL game on, tonight. It would figure that when the Falcons play on Thursday night it's also when Auburn is playing so that I can't watch them. On top of that, they're playing the Saints! Ugh. I'll be focusing entirely on our Tigers, tonight. Sorry, Falcons.

The full schedule of games for the weekend will come tomorrow. Until then, War Eagle!

Thu, Oct 15, 2015
7:00 PM ET
Auburn at Kentucky
7:30 PM ET
Western Kentucky at North Texas
10:30 PM ET
(18) UCLA at (15) Stanford