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Auburn vs Kentucky Staff Predictions and Game Open Thread

We're condensing some things given the number of posts today, so here's our staff's predictions and also the Open Thread for tonight!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so we made all of these predictions prior to the starting QB being announced. Take that into mind!


Auburn has not lost to Kentucky in Lexington since 1966. I think the bye week may help us too. But, seeing as we don't have a clue who our starting QB will be, or if we have one at all, I'm not predicting a score. I just hope we win.


I second that emotion.

Dr Z

If Sean White starts, game management and the run game brings home a victory. Auburn 24 Kentucky 14

If Jeremy Johnson starts, 3 horrible INTs and Auburn loses 27-17.*

*The fact that I even have to discuss the QB situation after watching them both with my own 2 eyes makes me want to break stuff.


Can y'all remember a weirder college football season? No one is good. Everyone is hurt.

We kicked our "star" player off the team, except, he wasn't a star anymore and maybe everyone is fine with him gone. The guy we said "wasn't the next Cam" really, definitely isn't the next Cam,even though we all kind of thought he was going to be close. After two games where his back up played well enough, we're rethinking it all again.

So, here we are halfway through the season with no idea what we're doing or who we're doing it with. And, I can't decide if, in this Season of the Weird, if it would be stranger for Auburn to win or lose. But, I sure do hope we win.

Dusty (again)

What if Gus (in true defiant, "Fuck it all" fashion) doesn't put a QB on the field at all for the first snap/series? I could see him refusing to name a starting QB and putting Kerryon back there in the wildcat to start the game.

Peggy (again)

//spins @AUPPL's Wildcat Wheel

Wildcat Wheel


This game has all the potential to turn into a 3-2 classic. Both offenses are error prone and neither team does anything notably well. If this game came down to who had the literal horses, we'd be in trouble. Fortunately, our metaphorical horses are more talented and well-rested. I'm taking our Tigers 20-14 in Commonwealth and Tizzy Be Hot in the second at Keeneland.

Dusty (yet again)

"Say Hike and Pray" doesn't just apply to the wildcat. It's pretty much the motto for the rest of the season.


I think the bye week, coupled with some good competition in practice and the dismissal of what most of the Auburn Family thought of as a problem in the locker will bring a breath of fresh air to the team. Duke was a great player but you could tell there was disconnect between him and the coaching staff and some of the players on the field. I think Jeremy Johnson will start, and I think he will be much more relaxed.

I don't think the starting QB will make a difference in the outcome, because I've felt ever since the dismissal and Gus choosing to have a more wide open, hitting practice and just letting the players get back to the basics will help a ton. I expect a big night from the offensive line and Peyton Barber and an inspired defense against a Kentucky offense still searching for playmakers. I haven't felt this good about a game against a quality opponent since the opener, before I knew any better. Call me crazy, but I think Auburn really puts their stamp on this one. JJ (or Sean) tosses a couple scores, runs for a another, Peyton runs for a couple and Carlson tacks on a field goal. 38-17, Auburn. War Damn Eagle.

Bobby Barkley

I just want this game to be fun. Somewhere between "41-7 2014 LSU game" fun and "walking through Tuscaloosa after the 2010 Iron Bowl and smiling at drunk, angry, swearing, houndstooth-wearing sorority gaggles and their vest-wearing male companions" fun.

We deserve a fun game. This was a weird week.

C'mon, Auburn. Bust it open.

Auburn 27, Kentucky 24


I went with 31-21 on the prediction widget. I think that's a fair bet. I think Sean White throws the ball a good bit more, tonight. We'll see some deep shots. We'll see the Wildcat again. Kentucky is going to get a few explosive plays that will lead to points. Auburn will actually get some good explosive plays, too.

War Eagle!