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Link sAUsage: 16 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Oh, look, even his white jersey gets those same exact stains
Oh, look, even his white jersey gets those same exact stains
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, first, a happy 39th (I think? That's bad, isn't it? I'm 99.9% confident I'm right) anniversary to my parents! That's pretty damned impressive in today's world. Now on to the links.


So, there's more to the story on the whole ticket situation reported a week or so ago by the Montgomery Advertiser. Now a former employee is suing the university and saying he was fired for blowing the whistle on some discrepancies in ticket sales.


So big things happened in basketball, yesterday. Bruce Pearl is doing work. He just added to the awesome 2017 class with a 4* commitment on top of the 5* we already had. That has Auburn still at the #2 spot in the nation for 2017, right now.


Did you know the men's golf team is ranked #1? I didn't until yesterday. War Damn Men's Golf! Now it would be awesome if the Tigers could bring home a championship in yet another sport.


Meanwhile, the equestrian team is ranked #2. They're in town this weekend, and more on that a bit later this morning when we publish Everett's "Home On The Plains."


So, let's start with all the stuff we did yesterday before the game. First there was Bobby Barkley and his always hilarious Smokin' Barn. Did you make a prediction in the How To Watch thread with the Prediction Widget? Well go check that against the final Crowd Line and final score! WarRoom Eagle handled the Q&A with the Kentucky site this week, and he did a better job on them than I have. Check it out, here. And for his answers to their questions, go here.

Oh, hey, there was a football game, last night. Auburn won! Check out my recap of the game, here. I wrote that while the game was ongoing. If I get a chance sometime today I'll write a bit more of my thoughts on the game and the particulars outside of a base recap. We'll see, though. It's going to be a busy Friday at work.

You can read Chad Scott's review of the game for, here. If you're not familiar with that site, Chadd has been writing for it, which features Tony Barnhardt, this season. It covers the SEC pretty well and has a good Auburn graduate contingent with him and Rachel Baribeau.

Gus didn't wear his visor last night as an homage to Steve Spurrier hanging up his. The visor that he would have worn will be auctioned off for flood relief charity in South Carolina, so that's pretty cool.

Gus called this probably the best game of the year to date, and I guess? Maybe? The defense allowed some really critical big plays, which was frustrating. I think the offense performed ok, although the 3rd quarter was awful. Even though Auburn lost to Mississippi State, that was a really good game for the offense and defense with the exception of red zone woes. Still, though, winning a Thursday night road conference game is big. It was definitely Sean White's best game to date, though.

There were other stories, sure. But a lot of them were pre-game stories, and those are kinda pointless, now. Oh, and I just watched a catch in the Stanford vs UCLA game that topped the Prothro catch, so it's time for me to go to sleep. Auburn won. Enjoy your weekend. There will be more stories today, though, I promise. Home on the Plains, another look at the Kentucky game, the weekend TV Schedule, and maybe more. War Eagle.