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Link sAUsage: 19 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The 2nd ranked Auburn Equestrian team took on the #5 team in the nation over the weekend and didn't have a whole lot of trouble with them.


The ladies took on last year's JUCO National Champion in a double-header. They scored 27 runs to the visitors' zero. That's pretty good. I think it's safe to say these ladies are going to give us another exciting year on the diamond.


The men's team is ranked #1 and doing things that #1 ranked teams do. They were co-champions at the US Collegiate and junior Will Long was co-medalist.

The ladies are out in California wrapping up their fall schedule at the Stanford Intercollegiate.


Tahj Shamsid-Deen is back from his shoulder surgery and the Tigers are glad to have him back on the court.

Oh, and you may have heard something about it, but the Tigers have new basketball uniforms. They look a lot like some old ones. They're great. You can see a video of some players seeing them for the first time, here. As with all Auburn uniform related things, Clint Richardson's Auburn Uniform Database is a great place to check out.


Sean White got his first SEC victory as a starting QB, Thursday night. It was also a road SEC victory. He's excited to learn from what he did wrong and what he did right to improve before Saturday's game against Arkansas. Oh, and he will be the one to play. Rhett Lashlee indicated as much when he met with the media during the usual Sunday evening media window. Barring something strange, White is the guy against the Hawgs.

Charles Goldberg says White and Auburn's offense are gaining momentum. I think it's obvious from the other night that the coaches are more than willing to let White open things up when he needs to. There were even times that the Tigers threw the ball on first down instead of running!

Auburn had better production in its road win according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer's grading of the game. It could have been much better, though, given the 3rd quarter slump.

The defense had some serious struggles last Thursday night, but there were some bright spots with some big plays. No, really, there were. As much as we joked about "3rd and Auburn" on Twitter, Kentucky was only 5-13 on third downs. The problem was how many of those 5 were 3rd and, well, Auburn. Of course, UK also had 25 total first downs, which means that 19 times (once was a 4th down conversion) they were able to get a 1st down without getting to 3rd in the first place. That's a bit disheartening.

In a neat moment the other night, someone caught Will Muschamp telling Kentucky receiver Garrett Johnson that he "screwed up" by not offering him when he was head coach of Florida. Johnson's only SEC offer was from Kentucky, even though he's a Florida native.

#Legatron is rolling along again. He's on pace to break some Auburn records. #Legatron is so danged funny, too. I don't know if he came up with it, but here's the tweet where I first saw it.

If Daniel Carlson is "Legatron" and I'm going to stick with a Transformers theme, then Peyton Barber is Ironhide. Tough, dependable, gets the job done. And not the movie Ironhide, either. I'm talking old weird minivan looking Ironhide. He's not flashy, but he doesn't need to be. Barber didn't put up big numbers the other night, but he put up 12 points on his own (Legatron adding the other two), and that was a huge boost.

Some former Tigers had big days, yesterday. Cam Newton is somehow finding ways to keep the Panthers undefeated even with how few weapons he has around him. He beat Seattle on a great throw to win the game. Karlos Dansby is still being a beast and got a Pick Six off Peyton Manning.