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Link sAUsage: 2 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

The uniforms are going to stay looking like this for a while!
The uniforms are going to stay looking like this for a while!
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn just re-upped with Under Armour in a rather large apparel deal. It's worth a ton and has some nice incentives that could make it worth even more over time. One of the really nice parts of it, though, is how not just the revenue sports are getting to enjoy in the spoils.


IRON BOWL CHAMPS, WOOOO!!!! And in quite the dramatic fashion, too. These ladies have become known for big finishes at clutch moments. You can watch the highlights, here.


I'm not sure what "Today's U" is, but they wrote something on Bruce Pearl turning Auburn Basketball around. Oh, and the basketball team starts their official practices today, I believe. Hopefully we'll hear something on the status of Danjel Purfoy, soon. He's been enrolled, but not officially cleared to be with the team, so far.


It's Watch List time! Emily examines the performance of the Auburn Tigers on pre-season watch lists, so far. Sad to say, there were quite a few of them who didn't even play (or at least start) in Saturday's game.

Ryan Sterritt took WarRoom Eagle's knockouts and a number of other stats and developed a new ranking system for college football: The Sterritt Score. It produces some interesting results for the season to date. It'll be interesting to see how it looks going forward compared to the actual rankings.

The folks over at The Mountain West Connection asked me some questions about the San Jose State game. You can read my answers to them, here. I'll post his answers to my questions when I get the e-mail back from him.

ESPN asks how Auburn fell so far so fast. I don't disagree with the things they're talking about, but I still think there's time (and we're in a perfect stretch of games and off weeks) for things to change in a big way. Then again, I'm the eternal optimist.

One thing that ESPN article really didn't talk about is the lack of pace in Auburn's offense so far. The beat writers tackle the question on where the pace is. I still say it has been absent largely due to the nature of substituting wide receivers.

ESPN also talks about how key injuries are hampering a lot of SEC teams. I addressed that in my Q&A with MWC. Auburn is missing or has missed a lot of key cogs over the short course of the season to date.

In the video realm, the SEC Network discusses expectations for this weekend's game against San Jose State. Meanwhile, Saturday marks the return of Gorgeous Al Borges to the Plains. Borges' offenses at Auburn were very effective in his first two seasons, but tapered off a good bit after that.