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The AUperations Order: FRAGORD 5, San Jose State

The mission is slightly changing.

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The base OPORD for the 2015 football season can be found here.

FRAGORD 1: Louisville

FRAGORD 2: Jacksonville State


FRAGORD 4: Mississippi State

FRAGORD 5: San Jose State Spartans

Time Zone Used Throughout: Central Daylight Time.

Light and Weather Data: Electric illumination will be necessary due to the possibility of overcast clouds and rain along with the mid-afternoon kickoff which will carry the game over into the hours of darkness. Currently there is a 50% chance of precipitation around kickoff, diminishing to 25% by game's end. Game time temperatures should be in the low 60s with humidity in the 90% region, and winds NW at 7-10mph.

Terrain: The beautiful and immaculate turf of Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare Stadium


a) Enemy -

Intelligence reports indicate the enemy is a talented Group of 5 opponent with a strong running attacked directed by a former Auburn offensive assistant. Weapons include a bruising tailback who is one of the top rushers in the nation so far this season. The defense is under new leadership which has in the past proven to make questionable decisions while at Michigan and Texas, but this season has performed fairly well statistically. The Most Likely Course of Action is that SJSU will a run-heavy attack to exploit Auburn's rushing defense weakness. The Most Dangerous Course of Action is that SJSU employs a run-heavy attack on offense with elements of the zone read, while learning from Manny Diaz's delayed blitzes last week and employing an attacking defensive style to pressure quarterback Sean White.

b) Friendly -

(1) Higher Unit Mission Two Levels Up: No Change

(2) Higher Unit Mission One Level Up: No Change

c) Civil Considerations:

The local population will be friendly to the Auburn Tigers and will cheer no matter what. I mean that. Really. DO NOT BOO OUR OWN TEAM. DON'T DO IT.

d) Attachments & Detachments:

Attachments: Auburn University Marching Band, Auburn Cheerleaders, Aubie the Tiger

Detachments: Still Carl Lawson. Damn it.


The Auburn Tigers Football Team competes against the San Jose State Spartans on 3 October 2015 at 3:00pm CDT at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, AL in order to improve the team's confidence and effectiveness and to work towards post-season play.


a) Concept of the Operation.

The football team will play four quarters of fast, physical football against the SJSU Spartans with each portion of the team performing special duties  assigned to them.

Scheme of Maneuver.

The operation will consist of multiple phases. Phase 1- the planning and preparation phase - began with Sunday's practice following the MSU game and will end with the Reverse Tiger Walk at 4:45pm on Friday when the team departs for the Remain Over Night (RON) site. Phase 2 - the travel phase - begins upon departure for the RON site and ends with Tiger Walk. Phase 3 - the execution phase - begins upon arrival at Tiger Stadium and consists of pre-game warm-ups and game activity. It will end upon completion of the contest. Phase 4 - the recovery phase - begins with post-game locker-room activities and ends upon the team's arrival back at the athletic facility in Auburn.

Offense, the main effort, will attack the SJSU defense using power-runs and play-action passes. The focus should once again be on RUNNING THE DANG BALL, PAAAAAAWWWWWL, and getting the ball downfield. SJSU's run defense is excellent statistically, but it has allowed large chunks of yardage to run-heavy teams. Employing deep passes to prevent too many men plugging the running lanes will be essential. Peyton Barber and Kerryon Johnson in particular should be utilized. In addition, the offense should attempt to stay ahead of the chains and take advantage of pace in order to confuse the defense.

Defense, a supporting effort, will employ fast/physical assaults on the opponent's offense. SJSU's running back is highly talented and will likely be the main feature in their offensive attack. The defensive line of Auburn should focus on filling run gaps and containing the edges. Communication between defensive efforts is also key, and care should be taken with new or younger personnel who are still relatively inexperienced.

Special Teams, a supporting effort, will conduct all kicking and returning duties. Weather could have an effect on the kicking game if the rain slicks the field and the ball. The return team should provide holes for the return man. If possible, Johnathan Ford should return most kickoffs given his success the previous week. All advantages should be taken if it is observed that the opposing team has "only fat guys" on the field.

b) Task to Subordinate Units

(1) Offense. Task: Conduct fast/physical hurry-up, no-huddle offensive maneuvers via ground and air attacks. Please. Fast. Go fast. RUN TEMPO, DANG IT. Purpose: Move the ball into scoring position in order to score more points than the opponent.

(2) Defense. Task: Conduct attacking defensive schemes to block the opponent from moving the football toward the end-zone. Purpose: Prevent the opposing offense from scoring more points than the Auburn offense.

(3) Special Teams. Task: Conduct all kicking and returning activities. Purpose: To score points via the kicking and return game while preventing the opponent from scoring points via there special teams.

c) Coordinating Instructions

(1) Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR): Opposing team signals, tendencies, etc. Only to be obtained through ethical, legal means.

(2) Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR): Injury to an Auburn football player. Loss of Auburn signals to the opposing team.

(3) Friendly Force Intelligence Requirements (FFIR): Health of all players on the Auburn football team. Any issues that affect team chemistry. Status of uniforms and equipment. Status of communications equipment.

(4) Essential Elements of Friendly Information (EEFI): Play calls, signals, game plans, exact injury status of any wounded players.

(2) Timeline

Times will be adjusted based on subsequent operations.

Sunday-Thursday: Practice/Preparation

Friday: 4:45pm, Reverse Tiger Walk and Depart for RON site

Saturday: 1:00pm, Tiger Walk

Saturday: 1:40pm, Spirit March

Saturday: 1:45pm: Pep-rally

Saturday: 2:44pm: Eagle Flight

Saturday: 2:48pm: Band Takes Field

Saturday: H Hour: 3:01pm, Game Begins


a) Logistics

(1) Supply: No change

(2) Transportation: Charter Bus will take the team from Auburn to the RON site and return the team to Auburn for the game

b) Personnel

No change

c) Medical

SEC Medical Observers will monitor each game for possible concussion issues. MEDEVAC is available upon request


a) Command - No Change

b) Signal

1) Call Signs - No Change

2) Challenge / Password - No Change

3) Running Password - No Change

4) Frequencies

TV: SEC Network

Stream: WatchESPN

Internet Audio: Auburn IMG Network

Satellite Radio: Sirius 190, XM 190

The time is now FOOTBALL. What are your questions?