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Link sAUsage: 20 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

More of this, please. I love seeing Kerryon behind a pulling Kozan.
More of this, please. I love seeing Kerryon behind a pulling Kozan.
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It's all football news, today. So let's get to it!

The start time for Auburn vs Ole Miss on Halloween is out, and it's not too thrilling to say the least. From what Phillip Marshall said, the reason for this is that ESPN wanted either this game or Texas A&M vs South Carolina for the noon game, but didn't want to decide which until after this weekend. So, they snagged both. One will be on ESPN. One will be on SEC Network. Joy.

Blake has some TAKES for you. They're a bit more optimistic than the last edition, but Blake still isn't quite as optimistic as some. Like me. Because I'm the eternal optimist. However, even I don't know what we can do if the defense keeps playing as it has.

Kerryon Johnson denies that Duke Williams was a cancer to the team in any way, and many of the players say they've kept in touch with him and he has been encouraging them since he left the team.

#Legatron was acknowledged by the folks at the Lou Groza Award as a "Star of the Week" for his efforts against Kentucky. Daniel Carlson has missed a few kicks this year, but he's still about as reliable as any kicker could be. It's great to see how Auburn always gets good kickers.

Why all the hate from BERT? Bret Bielema answers the question on where the perceived particular nastiness between him and Auburn originates.

ESPN debates which was the better ending: The Kick Six or the Scoop-and-Score from this weekend's Michigan vs Michigan State game.

ESPN says when it comes to Auburn's starting QB, there should be no debate. It's Sean White.

Gus discussed the Kentucky game and the upcoming game against Arkansas on his weekly Tiger Talk appearance. He emphasized the talent of Razorback RB Alex Collins, along with talking about the good and bad of the Kentucky game.

Will this scene ever get old? No. No it will not.