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Link sAUsage: 21 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Andy Lyons/Getty Images


The ladies are holding their "Fun Fan Day" on November 1st! That's a Sunday, and it will be at Auburn Arena. Come check out Coach Flo's 2015/16 squad.

As for the men, the second annual Pearl Jam open to fans will be held Thursday night at the arena from 7-9pm. It's open to the public and the first 500 fans will get actual jars of "Pearl Jam."


Want to see the 2014/15 Tigers get their SEC Championship Rings? Sure you do! They'll be getting them after Saturday's double-header. War Eagle, ladies!


Hey, all we needed was for Gus to hit Control / Alternate / Delete and reboot that offensive program in his PC head, right? That's what Peggy says in this week's Undercover Barner!

Gus spoke to the media about Kentucky, Arkansas, injuries, the starting QB, and more! Check out our Tweet-cap of the press conference.

Speaking of, Gus talks about the offense finding a rhythm, and his teammates know he's "a gamer." So just how is that offense starting to find a rhythm? WarRoom Eagle examined the familiar faces in new places to tell us.

Weather could be a factor in Arkansas this weekend, and Auburn is planning accordingly. Sean White's first game (albeit at home) had some weather issues, so hopefully this won't affect him or the offense too much.

In good news, Auburn expects Roc Thomas and Montravius Adams to be able to play against Arkansas. Adams will be particularly important since the Auburn defensive line will be facing a lot of pork. Instead of "beef," like you usually use for offensive linemen, get it? Because they're the Hogs? I'll show myself out. Will we be seeing Jovon Robinson, though? Maybe we will. Who knows, at this point. Jovon has been in two games very briefly this season.

On ESPN's list of unexpected things for 2015, Auburn's "collapse" is at the top. I wonder how that will look at the end? I think there are plenty of chances for other teams to top that one by the end and for Auburn to redeem themselves.

In bad and good news from the NFL, Corey Grant's season is over, but Trovon Reed signs on to the practice squad of a new NFL team.