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Link sAUsage: 23 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


We have a baseball coach! Auburn hired Mississippii State Associate Head Coach Butch Thompson, a former Auburn assistant, as well. The hire has pretty much been universally praised, except by a small few. You can read about the praise for the hire, here. See Rod Bramblett's interview with Coach Thompson, here.


The men had their second annual "Pearl Jam" open to the public to showcase the 2015/16 Auburn Tigers. The official site has a write up on it you should read. And check out the photo for that article. Want to see that awesome move in video form? Here's a link to some slow motion video of New Williams' dunk.

For the women, it was their turn in Charlotte for the SEC Network's Media Days. Watch video of Coach Flo talking about the upcoming season.


This is the final home game weekend for the Tigers, and they need some momentum after last weekend's loss.


Emily is still watching those Watch Lists for us, and things looked much better for the Tigers last Thursday night, as we well know by now.

Want to know what to watch this weekend? Here's your Week 8 TV schedule!

It slipped through the cracks of the editorial, but late is better than never! Here's this week's Sterritt Score rankings. It's really starting to shape up to look like the polls, now.

Carlton Davis is getting a lot of press, which isn't surprising since the true freshman already has two interceptions, including a key one against Kentucky in the end zone. Can he continue to build from there?

ESPN previews Week 8 of the SEC in this video. They also discuss adding the game ending play for Michigan vs Michigan State to the pantheon of great college football plays. I'm sure you can guess what one of the plays on their list is.