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Auburn vs Arkansas Game Open Thread and Staff Predictions

What does the staff think about the Arkansas game? And also your place to talk about it all!

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Oh I'm sorry, that's BERT's conference record. My mistake.


Auburn's offense continues to improve and adds in a few more wrinkles. Auburn's defense finds a way to minimize the Hawgs rushing attack and the Arkansas passing attack doesn't answer the bell.

Auburn 31 Arkansas 27.


I'm really worried about Auburn's ability to stop the run here. Allen is good enough throwing the ball that it could really make things difficult. While I'm gaining confidence in White's passing ability, I haven't actually watched Arkansas to see what their pass D issues might be. If White has plenty of time to throw, someone can get open.

I think it'll be relatively low scoring, and Arkansas will try to limit possessions. Auburn must avoid 3-and-outs and must score TDs instead of FGs. I think it'll be close, but I'm at least optimistic.


IF Auburn can hold Arky to under 125 rushing, it could be a runaway. But, I think Auburn is going to have a tough time with the biggest, most monstrous, humongous, largest offensive line in the world, ever in the history of football. Auburn, and White, need to put up at least a 30spot to win the game. I think they will do just that. Second half defensive adjustments will be needed, and possibly a late go ahead score. 31-27.

Oscar Whiskey

Auburn and Arkansas are pretty evenly matched and there's a good chance this game could turn into a slug fest in the rain. The Razorbacks, however, lack the knock out punch (or haven't shown it yet) and that might be enough for Auburn to head back home with a win.

Auburn 27 - 21 Arkansas

Dr Z

One of the things that's overlooked is Auburn's rush defense had looked ok, other than Fournette. And nobody has looked good against that guy.

Maybe it's the second hand smoke from me being in Denver Colorado, but I have this strange feeling Auburn wins this game.

Auburn 35
Arky 32

Bobby Barkley

Ugh. This season...

I've always believed that Auburn's kicking game (and often times, special teams play) is what separates us from the rest of the SEC, which means that as long as our coaching staff gives our kicker a chance to score (aka more than 20 seconds on the play clock to set up for a clean snap and hold), he'll score. So that's the difference for me. If it comes down to kicking, Auburn has the advantage.

I'd rather it not be a three-point game, but I got that number right last week, so this game could be similar the outcome of the Kentucky game. Also, I see an offense that is more than capable of scoring six inside the red zone, so that's a positive.

Who knows there basketball yet?

Auburn 27, Arkansas 21


Remember last week how Muschamp had that whole "This is Thursday" thing on a Tuesday to get the players in the Saturday mindset? I'm hoping he has a similar plan for the next two 11 amgames. If Auburn can control the game like they did last week on the road with a team looking for their biggest win in years, they've got a shot to win this game.


Stats like this usually means Auburn will give up 12 sacks.

Bobby Barkley

Every mom and aunt on Facebook just commented on this with "You got to BELIEVE, Dusty!"


I think we'll be fine as long as Arkansas doesn't start a backup quarterback seeing his first collegiate action. You know how we like to annoint field generals by accident.


Dammit, Leggs! Now that you mentioned it, Auburn is going to accidentally find a pass rush on 1 play in the 1st quarter and knock out the Arky QB and their unknown backup is going to torch us!

Auburn can avoid sacks by running Kerryon in the wildcat the whole game.


I hate you so hard.


I'm calling it, here. The conversation continued and it got awesome, but we're going to keep the contents secret. Some ideas may have been hatched that we don't want to reveal just yet.

As for my prediction, I think it's a slugfest. Arkansas is going to pound the ball. Auburn's offense isn't going to get a ton of possessions, so they'll have to make sure they take advantage of every one of them. Auburn escapes thanks to the awesome legs of #Legatron, and we return home next week to find a pleasant surprise awaiting us in the defensive lineup. It will be a day long awaited.

War Eagle!