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Link sAUsage: 26 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

A rare picture of Barber's jersey without that stain. I'm guessing it's from the ball judging how he carries it, here.
A rare picture of Barber's jersey without that stain. I'm guessing it's from the ball judging how he carries it, here.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


The Tigers lost a tough one to UGA yesterday in their final home match of the season. That one may hurt with seeding going into the tournament. AU_Jonesy will have more of his thoughts on it, later.


The ladies kept on winning with a sweep of Valdosta State. They also picked up some pretty nice jewelry from last season.


Auburn lost in four overtimes to Arkansas on Saturday, and that hurt. That's going to be a hard game for the Tigers to bounce back from. They're saying all the right words, though. We'll see if it bears out on the field.

I published it last night, so you may have missed it, but here are some further thoughts of mine on particular players, trends, and other Auburn football musings that I felt like discussing while enjoying a Kristoff Maduro on my porch.

Will Muschamp met with the media last night following Sunday's practice and had a number of things to say on particular players and the game in general.

Kerryon Johnson's hurdle got an A- on Twitter from Olympian Lolo Jones. That was an impressive move. He's an impressive player. He may be the jewel of last year's recruiting class on the offensive side of the ball. Actually, no, right now he definitely is. We'll see who might outshine him out of the redshirts in the future, but right now I don't know that any of them will.

We got to see Jason Smith a bit more in the Arkansas game, and I liked what I saw. Hopefully he keeps building from that performance. I do think we're going to see that deep pass to him a bit more in the future.

Peyton Barber is a beast. That's really all you need to say.

In "very good news," Arkansas running back Rawleigh Williams, III is expected to make a full recovery following his injury late in Saturday's game. The hit didn't look that bad and Williams was moving right afterwards. However, it became obvious as time went on that it was a very serious situation. Hopefully he makes a complete and full recovery.

Auburn offered a JUCO QB, and he finds the QB situation at Auburn "very appealing." I don't know what to think of this. Honestly, I think I'd be perfectly happy with Sean White for three more years with the way he's handled the games, so far. I think it's all going to come down to what Gus decides he wants to do on offense.