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College Football Knockouts: Weeks 7 and 8

Reminder: A knockout occurs after the losing team's last offensive play while within one score (8 points).

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry I missed Week 7's knockouts. It probably ruined your week. So, to make up for it, you get both Week 7 and Week 8 numbers! YAY! Fortunately, you didn't really miss anything spectacular on the fastest KO side of things. On the other hand, some of the last second finishes were truly spectacular.

KOs Wk7

KOs Wk8

Download .CSV file with KOs and Margin of Victory for Weeks 1-8

Ronda Rousey Award

(fastest KO)

Rousey Wk7

Washington State is really turning its season around after a loss to FCS Portland State. Good for them. And to everyone else on Western Kentucky's schedule, watch out. Even after a loss to LSU, they have the 11th best average KO time in the country. Pretty good team, those Hilltoppers.

Rousey Wk8

The thing that stands out to me here is that North Texas is on the losing end of this list in both Weeks 7 and 8. Rough stretch for the Mean Green.

Floyd Mayweather Award

(win without a KO)

Mayweather Wk7

If you remember all the way back to last week, you might remember something like this.

Plus, there was a Les-Miles-fake-field-goal-turned-touchdown-against-the-Florida-Gators, but that's been done before.

Mayweather Wk8

Then this week decided to cram eight overtime periods into two games (Arkansas-Auburn and Duke-Virginia Tech). I just feel sorry for one Alexandra Ringer.

At the end of the Georgia Tech-Florida State game, the Seminoles apparently decided to do anything to avoid overtime altogether. So it sent out its field goal kicker for a 55-yard attempt that would have ended the game. Once the kick was blocked, there was no way they were tackling the guy who picked it up. That would mean overtime. So they let him return it for the game-winning touchdown.