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Hindsight is 20/20 - Drop it Like it's Hot.

Hot buttered biscuit, anyone?

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I spent the weekend in lovely Denver Colorado at an eye doctor conference.  I was on two panels on non interesting stuff to the non eye doctor general public (actually, it wasn't interesting to eye doctors either).  I did manage to sneak away to watch most of the game until the overtimes.  If anyone reading this attended the panel I moderated during the overtime, I apologize for mouthing the F word so many times in the first 20 minutes of the discussion.  I was following the game on twitter.

I could not imagine a redshirt freshman quarterback playing any better on the road than Sean White did Saturday.  He stood in the pocket and made some spectacular throws.  He was tough as nails out there.

If only someone would catch the damn ball.

I mean, we knew Ricardo Louis was prone to drop one per game, but the whole receiver corps was hideous in this one.  It was a total mental thing by the end of the first quarter.  I have no answers as to why these guys went in the tank.  But spotting the Hogs 14 before we get going decided the game.  I lay that almost entirely on the guys that catch the passes.

Receiver is one area Auburn must improve upon in recruiting.  It has just been one letdown after another.  We need guys who can run routes and catch passes.  They don't have to be burners necessarily.  Just sure handed guys who will look the ball in.

I love Peyton Barber.  He is the unsung hero of this season and has kept 2015 from turning into a dumpster fire.  He's not flashy, but he is tough.  I like this guy as our every down back going.  However...

I also love Kerryon Johnson.  He is the future and he needs more touches going forward.  He has next superstar back written all over him.  I hope he get s more and more touches as the season goes along.

Defensively, I thought Auburn was adequate.  They still have their issues, and that was glaringly obvious in the overtime.  Carlton Davis has the makings of a great one at corner, but he needs a dance, which we should dub the Carlton.  The Linebackers I could take or leave at this point.  Kris Frost and Cass McKenzy look absolutely lost out there about half the time.  Garrett is fine, but lacks the size to be a run stopper, but at least he looks like he knows where he is supposed to line up.

Play calling I thought for the most part was better in this game.  Gus is still a little stubborn on first down with the run plays. More passes on first down would help White out a great deal.  Then again, if you have no confidence in receivers to catch the ball, 2nd and 8 is two yards better than 2nd and 10.

This one was indeed frustrating to the Orange and Blue.  But these guys keep fighting, and are really a couple plays from being 6-1.  Mind you, I am not claiming a moral victory, but stating fact.

Looking down the schedule, no one is invincible, and I include the Fightin' Sabans in that list.  (damn you Tennessee, you had one job). Ole Miss, Georgia, and A&M are all beatable.  I'm not saying we win them all, but I bet we are there till the bitter end.

I see a bright future with this young group.  We got thrown a curveball with Jeremy Johnson, but White is developing quickly and should be the guy moving forward.  And maybe we get to see Carl Lawson back before the end of the season as well.

Then again, I may see a unicorn one day.

War Eagle anyway...