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Link sAUsage: 27 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The link dump is short on articles, today. My link tool wasn't updating, and honestly I just didn't feel like searching out every Auburn story I could find on the internet while I wrote this late in the evening. Hopefully it'll be back to normal, tomorrow.


Auburn is going to "Stripe The Stadium" this weekend against Ole Miss. Or at least they hope so. The weather could play a factor (small chance of rain, Saturday), plus there's just the general issue of actually getting folks to cooperate with things like that unless you give out shirts.

Dr Z keeps us up-to-date on our eye exams with his examination of the Auburn vs Arkansas game. I'd say I pretty much agree with everything he has to say in there.

There was a delay in the "Knockouts" post from last week due to a database not updating, but it's back this week and has you covered for both of them! There were some wacky things that happened in the world of college football leading to Mayweather Awards for Michigan and Georgia Tech in the last two weeks, too.

I've never really thought about how many "drops" a receiving unit should have over a season, but somehow I don't think Auburn's team on Saturday had as many as some teams have in an entire season, as John Cubelic states. Particularly not with his definition of what constitutes a drop. Maybe he's right, though. I agree that the drops were a major factor in the loss, but I think his statement is a bit of a stretch.

Gus Malzahn made his appearance on Tiger Talk last night and talked about the status of some players and how the offense is beginning to get into a good rhythm. He didn't say a lot about  Carl Lawson, but he waited until his Tuesday press conference before the MSU game to announce Sean White as the starter even though he had just been on Tiger Talk the night before. Hopefully we'll know something certain, soon. I'll just say that from the various reports I've seen, it would not shock me if #55 is on the field, Saturday.

In other good news, Xavier Dampeer - injured during the Duke Williams incident - is on pace to return much sooner than originally thought.

We know Auburn's trip to College Station next week to face Texas A&M will be a primetime kickoff, now. That's good news for Auburn, who will have played two straight 11am games before that.