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Carl Lawson Returns to Practice: Gus Malzahn Press Conference 27 October 2015

Gus Malzahn met with the media Tuesday morning in his weekly press conference. As usual, I'm here to capture the tweets from the beat writers who capture the quotes. All credit to them for doing that while I take an early lunch break to do this.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Lawson back? CARL LAWSON BACK.

Time to do the Carl Dance!

Carl Lawson dance

Okay, he's back on the practice field. That doesn't mean he's going to play this weekend. I have a feeling he will, but it's not certain. He may be limited, too. Or he may not be. We'll see. This is huge for Auburn going forward, though. Lawson is the kind of presence that makes everyone around him better if only by drawing focus on himself.

That's aside from how good he is at what he does to beat that extra attention. Just look at the production he had in the first half against Louisville if you want a good reminder of what he's capable of. That's also the best game played by our defensive tackles, too. With Lawson pulling the focus to himself, it freed up the tackles to get into the backfield more often.

He's obviously a leader on the team, too. Otherwise he would not have made the road trips to Kentucky and Arkansas. Getting him back on the field could be enough to allow the defense to make 1-2 more key stops.

I really hope he gets back on the field this weekend. If he does, it will be his first time playing in Jordan-Hare since the 2013 Iron Bowl.

It's nice to hear Sean White was encouraging his teammates on the sideline when all those balls were being dropped, Saturday. I really hope he's able to snag his first touchdown pass this weekend. It's amazing that he hasn't thrown one, yet. One of my co-workers believes that they just don't trust him in the redzone to throw the football and would rather stick with the Wildcat, but it's not like we go strictly Wildcat when we get down there.

That's pretty much it for this week. I have a feeling much more was said, but the beat writers were frantically working on their "LAWSON BACK" stories, as well, and relying on their recording devices for other press conference notes. Plus, let's face it, LAWSON BACK is the main story, here, anyway.