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Link sAUsage: 28 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Well, my feedly tool is still not working. So this may be a bit short, again.


The Tigers made a nice addition to Butch Thompson's staff at Auburn late yesterday afternoon. If the rest of his hires of this caliber, then it's hard to not get very excited about the future of Auburn Baseball.


Peggy's Undercover Barner for the week tells us we need to Shake It Off. That's some good advice. And if you can't smile while watching our own Everett Duke dance to that song, then there's no hope for you.

Gus Malzahn met with the media yesterday and told us the news we've been waiting to hear since after the Louisville game: Carl Lawson returned to the practice field, yesterday. How well he feels will determine whether or not he plays against Ole Miss this weekend. He also tweeted this last night, which can be interpreted as "I'm finally ready to go!" or "we're not quite there yet." Who knows.

We're just over halfway through the 2015 football season, but it's never too early to look towards what new Tigers we may be welcoming to the fold in February. So, I examined the current class and a few of the prospects we're after, as well.

You may have missed it since it was a bit later in the evening, but Blake has his weekly TAKES for you to check out. He's just getting back in to Birmingham from a long weekend that included trips to the game and Nashville, hence the lateness.

Auburn cornerback Jay Jones says that Laquon Treadwell is "a regular receiver," but hey, that's not the full soundbite with context, is it? I'm not sure of the exact question, but the full quote makes it seem Jones is saying that you prepare for him just like you would anyone else. It sure does appear like reporters love asking questions that may result in answers that can be called "bulletin board material."

Sean White is having fun as Auburn's starting quarterback. He's relishing the challenges and having the responsibility on his shoulders, which is what you want to hear from your true freshman starting quarterback.

On the Ole Miss side, the Rebels are expecting to get Robert Nkemdiche back for the Auburn game after he missed this last week with a concussion.

Lawson may or may not be back this weekend, but Gimel President is starting to push for more playing time and helping out Auburn's pass rush. You may have seen him with the sack of Arkansas QB Brandon Allen last weekend. I point that out because not many people have sacked Allen this year thanks to their beast of a line.

And that's where I'm stopping, today. There are other sites I could check for links, but I've gotten spoiled by my feedly tool, recently. It helped keep me sane when building these every night, and I honestly just don't feel like spending an hour searching a bunch of sites for links. Sorry, y'all. War Eagle.