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Auburn vs San Jose State Game Open Thread

Tigers vs Spartans. Let's do this!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

It's Homecoming on the Plains, and guess where I am? Not there. Due to some obligations to the country, my weekend is taken up and is keeping me from being on the Plains for this one. So, I'll be able to hang out in the comments below and hopefully not be too terribly upset at what we're seeing.

I said it in last night's "How to Watch" post, but this may be the most important game for the rest of the season. Struggle or lose, and this team could lose all confidence and hope. Win convincingly and make big strides on offense and defense and it could propel the Tigers into the off week with a lot of momentum before they head to Kentucky.

Hopefully the coaches let Sean White throw it deep, today. Hopefully we feed the rock to Kerryon Johnson and Peyton Barber (and Roc if he's ready to go). SJSU's run defense was stout last week against Fresno, but it struggled considerably against run-heavy teams like Air Force.

It's almost game time. Let's do this. War Eagle!