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Auburn vs San Jose State: Staff Predictions

What do the folks on the staff here have to say about the match up?

I wish we had Josh Holsey, today.
I wish we had Josh Holsey, today.
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I think Auburn will win. I hope Auburn will win comfotably. I know Auburn is not dead.
Hey, if y'all are on campus, come by Ag Roundup at the Ag Heritage Park on Saturday morning. It's all you can eat Alabama-raised foods for $5 and kinds under 6 get in free. Plus there will be some livestock to pet and a silent auction. Basically just come Barn with us :)

Dr Z

I watched Tubs and Cincinnati last night pull a Tubs with the big upset of Miami. Cincy won with a backup QB, who happens to be from the Birmingham area. The kid, named Hayden Moore, has been off the hook in the last 2 games. (Over 500 yards last week as well).

Auburn didn't recruit Moore. Neither did Bama. My point is you never know when it comes to quarterbacks and how they will do at the next level. Next time you hear "can't miss" about a QB recruit, do me a favor and slap that person about the head.

As for the game, I'm petrified about what I might see Saturday afternoon. Auburn's not good enough to just stroll out there and win. That being said, I think Auburn pulls it out. Sean White comes into his own and Kerryon (my wayward son) Johnson also has a big game.

Auburn 28
The Ugly Side of The Bay St. 13


Auburn follows up on the better parts of last week and finds a rhythm offensively. Auburn's defense follows suit and stops Borges's Gulf Coast Offense cold after a couple of early drives.

Auburn 35 San Jose State 17


The rain and flooding here has me in a sour mood. I think Auburn comes out flat and plays down to their opponent, again. Narrow margin, possibly tied at halftime. Second half defensive adjustments, and Gus
finally deciding in the 4th quarter to call plays with some sense of urgency help AU pull it off. Late TD makes the score better, but game will be closer than what is comfortable. 31-20 Tigers.

I really hope I'm wrong and it's comfortable early and stress free.

Even the administration is encouraging fans to storm the field following the late FG that seals the deal for us against might SJSU.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Fans are invited to take the field following the conclusion of tomorrow&#39;s game. Weather permitting. <a href="">#WarEagle</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Auburn Tigers (@AuburnTigers) <a href="">October 2, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Peggy (again)

Sounds like they're just inviting you to streak, Dusty.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 3
San Jose State 2


I think we see more improvement, but the weather may hinder some of that. Hopefully we finally bust some explosive plays. Until the offense does that, they're going to struggle. 5 and 6 yards per play sounds great, but when you have to do it every single play, that takes the margin for error down to zero. I think Auburn wins, and I think it's comfortable enough to see some backups in the 4th quarter, but probably not near as comfortable as we hoped.

Man do we need this bye week coming up on the 10th. It's time to junk what doesn't work and press forward with the things that do work.


Auburn wins. I'd like to say this is the game where everything clicks, and it all comes together. But, its probably not.


SJSU is going to score some points. I can see this one being about like Jacksonville State was in terms of the opposing offense staying on the field for a long time and keeping the ball away from our offense as much. However, I don't think we're going to have the catastrophic plays we had in that game and I think we're going to get an explosive play or two, so the outcomes will be different. I called 31-17 in the prediction widget, so that's what I'm sticking with.