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Link sAUsage: 30 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I don't know if my link dump tool is going to get repaired any time soon, so these may end up being very short for a little while. I'll still include any really important stories, of course, but I'm not going to try to put everything I could find like I have been doing.


One Auburn sports team ends their fall slate and another begins their 2015/16 season (albeit in an exhibition), today. Oh, and there's Auburn football on Saturday. Everett does his usual awesome job of keeping us up-to-date on what's happening in Auburn this week.


Bruce Pearl is doing more for the Auburn community than just coaching basketball. He's put in numerous public appearances and helped out at a number of charities. I can definitely believe the story of him giving out his personal cell phone number to people if anyone in the community ever needed help. He did the same for my co-worker and said if there's anything he could do for the ROTC department to give him a call. We've got a good man coaching the basketball team here in Auburn.

Oh, great, another injury. This time freshman Bryce Brown. We really need to get Danjel Purfoy cleared, now. The Tigers are running out of players that can play Guard.


Need to know what games to watch on TV this weekend? Well the Thursday night games are already over, but you can still check out the rest of the weekend.

Emily is still tracking the Watch Lists for us. At this point, I'm going to guess that the offensive linemen are the only ones with chances to be recognized at the end of the year.

We did a Q&A with Red Cup Rebellion. You can read their answers to my questions here that I posted last evening.

A little late, but Ryan Sterritt's "Sterritt Score" rankings came out last night. It's really interesting to see how it's looking compared to general feelings in college football circles.

It's a few days old, but I'm going to reheat it now since it's important for everyone to plan their Gameday attire. Don't forget the Stripe the Stadium attempt this weekend!

Auburn's 2016 football schedule is out! It's actually a pretty good setup for Auburn when you consider that next year is when the Tigers have to go to both Georgia and Alabama. It sure would be nice if the SEC could fix that and get it back to the old rotation.

Auburn got a special one when they picked up Kerryon Johnson last signing day. I didn't expect to see him much this season, and now I'm thinking we haven't seen enough of him. He's going to be very good for the Tigers for probably the 2016 & 2017 seasons. I don't see him staying past three years.

Auburn hasn't thrown a touchdown pass since Sean White took over as the quarterback, but they're not worried about that. Other than the Mississippi State game, Auburn has been fairly successful in the red zone since then with Kerryon Johnson in the Wildcat, Peyton Barber at running back, or even putting in Jeremy Johnson to pound the ball in.

Rachel Baribeau for wrote about Jonathan Wallace and the impact he's having on folks off the field with his humanitarian and charity works. He's a special guy, that's for sure.

It may be a bit surprising, but the Tigers have the most rookies on NFL rosters out of all the teams in the SEC. There are 14 former Tigers either on the active roster, practice squad, or injured reserve with NFL teams. Reese Dismukes was recently picked up by the Panthers and Quan Bray promoted to the active roster of the Colts.