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Auburn vs Ole Miss Staff Predictions and Game Open Thread

See what the College and Magnolia staff have to say about the game, and discuss it, here!

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I'm so up in the air on this game. What Ole Miss shows up? Does Auburn keep improving like they have week to week? If the Ole Miss offense that played Alabama shows up, that could be very bad. If the defense that stifled A&M shows up, that could be very bad. But if the Auburn offense that has improved mightily (minus the drops) over the last 2 weeks shows up, that can be very good. The defense is what it is, but if the offense can move the chains and score points, it helps the defense a lot. Ole Miss hasn't played back to back good games dating back to last year. Do they finally do it this week? I don't think they bring the A game, but I'm scared Auburn will be a little sluggish, too. Fight through the grogginess and keep the crowd in the early game and Auburn can pull the upset. I think this is the game Sean White finally throws a couple scores and Ole Miss' lack of a consistent running game hurts them and helps Auburn get off the field a little more. Auburn in a another heart attack game, 27-26. (Don't ask me how I got to 26, I just did).

Dr Z

This game scares the crap out of me. Ole Miss can throw the ball. Auburn (unless Lawson shows up 100%) has zero pass rush. Mississippi has very little run game, and had done a decent job (other than LSU) has done a decent job v. The run.

Sean White continues to improve, and gets his first TD pass. It's not enough.

Colonel Rebel Black Bears: 27
Auburn: 21


I feel like the whole thing will be a mess from start to finish. We'll have people out of position and no one will be able to follow directions. It's going to look really bad on national television, and I doubt we'll ever try it again.

Oh wait, we are talking about this ridiculous striping idea, right? Because I have no idea how the actual game is going to go. There are Jekyll/Hyde versions of both of these teams, which seems fitting for the date. I choose to believe that Auburn will win because if we did, in fact, make a deal with the devil for 2010, you know Auburn's lawyers negotiated at least one Halloween freebie.

Auburn 666, Ole Miss 0


I see this game being close throughout as Auburn's offense continues to open up. This game will come down to a late turnover which I see going something like this:

Chad Kelly, Swag.

Second coming of Stephen Garcia, Swag.

Just without the sweet hair, Swag.

Throwing into tight coverage, Swag.

Throws a pick . . . . . . .. .

. . . . . . . . . . . . .


Gives Auburn one more chance down 4 with 5 minutes to play, Swag

Auburn punches it in for the win, Swag

Auburn 31 Ole Miss 28 Swag

Bobby Barkley

Another Ole Miss Halloween weekend, and another Halloween night of me eating all of the candy I bought for the trick-or-treaters that never show up to my house.

Each week of this season ages me another ten years. Auburn football is not for wimps.

I can't figure out if this year's Ole Miss team is better or worse than last year's. It's turning my brain into a pretzel. I've got a pretzel in my head!

If our receivers catch even 50% of the balls they should've caught last week when Sean White tied a freakin' bow around 'em, then I think we match up pretty well with Ole Miss...offensively, at least.

Auburn's Defense is like a box of chocolates: half of them are filled with toothpaste.

May God Bless our patron saint of kicking, Daniel Carlson, and his golden foot, his iron leg, and his steel resolve, amen.

Auburn 41, Ole Miss 35
(This score means nothing. It's just some numbers.)


Instead of a 4-horsemen defensive line, Auburn will look more headless horseman and may as well wear orange helmets.

Floyd the Barber will continue to make cheap cuts in the endzone (and hopefully props up my DraftKings lineup). White throws two or three TDs, the only question is if the WRs catch any them. Last week they couldn't catch a cold in a daycare.

Ole Miss doesn't have much going for it in the run game, so maybe a certain former 5* WR playing LB that should probably be a TE won't get caught out of position with his pants down too often.
I like what I have seen from the DBs despite the lack of anything resembling a pass rush.

I've said for several weeks that despite how bad Auburn has been we will somehow beat Ole Miss. I'll stick by that, because my heart says so. 31-30

My head says otherwise, I'm just choosing not to listen to it.

Which DB do you give the "honor" of lining up across from Treadwell? You have to think he is going to try his hardest to break Auburn in every way possible. Does he get 100, 150, or 200 yards receiving?


Yeah, I think that's our common theme for this year.

My heart says Auburn has looked better and better on offense (minus all those drops) and Sean White is seriously legit. And, WHAT IF, Carl is really back?

My head says that Ole Miss will rack up yards and points, that Auburn will come out sluggish and sleepwalk through the first quarter and a half. I think it looks a lot like last week, but hopefully with a better outcome


Auburn usually starts a game sluggish through a quarter and a half, then plays well. Then stays in the locker room during the 3Q then tries to play with urgency. That much is almost as predictable as Gus running a dive play on 1st down.


I don't want to be encouraged by the Arkansas game, but I was. Ricardo says he's going to take it out on Ole Miss. I hope he does.

White has done everything that's been asked of him. I'm really proud of that kid. It's time to show out.

Auburn wins. I don't know how, but I still believe. They're Mississippi. We're Auburn.


At home, after a few weeks of building confidence, Sean White is finally turned loose. Tempo picks up. Receivers catch the ball. We score points.

More importantly will be #55 making his first appearance since the Louisville game. The defense plays better because he's able to put pressure on Chad Kelly.

Auburn walks away with a victory, but it'll still be an Auburn victory. Which means we'll be stressing until the end for some reason or another.