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Link sAUsage: 5 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Barber's jersey gets that exact same stain on the top of the 2 in EVERY GAME.
Barber's jersey gets that exact same stain on the top of the 2 in EVERY GAME.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


The Montgomery Advertiser published a long-form investigation into the process Auburn uses (or at times ignores, as they're reporting) for selling football tickets. There have been plenty of message board rumors about mismanagement of ticket priorities, and this investigation at least supports that there appear to be some serious issues.


Auburn softball held an alumni game on Saturday when 35 former Tigers in town for Homecoming took to Jane B Moore Field again. The game included some of Auburn's very first softball players as well as recent graduates like Brandi Melero and Morgan Estell.


This article is a few days old, but it's worth reheating again as Auburn won the Iron Bowl of Soccer in dramatic fasion last Thursday evening.


Speaking of Iron Bowls, the Equestrian team shut out Alabama. Way to go, ladies!


Things didn't look good for the Tigers against LSU at first, but the ladies rallied for a big five set victory Sunday afternoon in Auburn Arena.


Peyton Barber carried the load for the Tigers with five touchdowns in Saturday's victory over San Jose State. You can check out the immediate post-game recap here as well as some other thoughts I had Sunday morning, here. I still hold that the offense's performance in this game wasn't near as worrisome as many think. I do think it's going to be hard to win if some receivers don't step up and make plays, though. points out that Barber's rushing performance didn't do much to boost Auburn's 2015 statistics. It's true that Auburn didn't run for a lot of yards or even a lot of yards per carry, but as I pointed out in the second link above, they didn't exactly need to run for a lot of yards, either.

Auburn did have some explosive plays against the Spartans. Five of them to be exact. Rhett Lashlee was please with the offense finding the ways to get big plays. He also said that Auburn is ready to air it out if they need to. I'm really not sure how much I believe that give the wide receiver play. I'm starting to think putting Roc (who has been one of the better pass catchers) in the slot might not be a bad idea.

Gabe Gross says that Auburn needs to let Sean White loose. We've heard so much about his accuracy, and honestly I think we've seen it on display at times as almost all of his passes have been catchable unless they were purposefully over thrown, and it really would have been nice to see him throw it more on Saturday. I still just don't think the receivers have stepped up enough, which is depressing.

Auburn hasn't been doing too well in the turnover department for most of the 2015 season. Turnovers were key to Jacksonville State taking Auburn to over time. That wasn't the case on Saturday, as two interceptions and two fumbles were a key to Auburn's victory. It made up for allowing so many yards.