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Link sAUsage: 6 October 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Y'all all know this by now, I'm sure, but Duke Williams was dismissed from the football team last night. I can't say that I'm exactly surprised. I really hate it for him given his talent. However, the off field stuff just seemed to continue to be an issue and Gus finally had enough.


Coach Flo's Tigers began their first practice for the 2015/16 season, yesterday. There're notes and video on it at the official site.


Taylor Troutman was named the SEC Freshman of the Week. Troutman had the absolutely beautiful header reminiscent of Abby Wambach off the also beautiful cross from Hannah Alspach. It was so pretty you need to watch it in slow motion.


Blake has some TAKES for you after the San Jose State game. I'm one of the big optimists. I can't help it, I always hope for the best and think things are capable of being turned around. Except by the end of 2012, that is. That broke even me. Dr Z isn't feeling too good about things, either.

TCU destroyed Texas last week in winning the Ronda Rousey Award for Faster College Football Knockout. They had the fastest time so far this season for putting an opponent away. I'm particularly proud of the team that was in the #2 slot, though.

True freshman tight-end Jalen Harris was in a nasty accident on Sunday, but is doing "ok" according to Gus. He's doing well enough to post on Instagram about the accident and WOW, is he an incredibly lucky young man.

In much happier news, Auburn QB/WR/All-around Great Guy Jonathan Wallace was recognized with the All State Good Works Team. Wallace has done a lot of great things in the community since he's been here at Auburn.

Sean White and Jeremy Johnson are still competing for the starting job according to Gus Malzahn during his Tiger Talk appearance. Maybe Jeremy is gaining his confidence and form back. I'm kinda thinking this is just posturing to get people to prepare for both. We'll see, though.

So who is going to step up at WR now that Duke is gone? examines Auburn's options. It's past time for Tony Stevens to do something. Although I think this means even more of Melvin Ray (which I'm fine with).

Rudy Ford was named the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. He had some great kickoff returns, as did Blake Countess, against San Jose State.

The bye week will be a time for Auburn to catch its breath, get some key players rested (like Ricardo Louis, now the only receiver with double digit receptions), and prepare for the rest of the season. Hopefully we'll see a reinvigorated team next Thursday against Kentucky.