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College and Magnolia Staff: Bye Week Plans

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

So, with the bye week, what is the College and Magnolia staff up to? Well, we all have different plans. Let's check in.


I don't get back into Alabama until late tomorrow night, so I may not be in front of a TV until the first round of games start. If I can get home in time, here's my list

First round: Texas-Oklahoma
2nd round: Georgia-UT and Notre Dame-Navy
3rd round: OK State-WVU (hopefully a pointsplosion)
Pac12 after dark: Cal-Utah

Oscar Whiskey

I'll be watching beer bottles go from full to empty...


I'm going to WWE Network and chill... May throw in a little Food Network for good measure. Also, ALL THE NFL.

Bobby Barkley

Your Bringer of the Barn will be relaxing on top of Lookout Mountain in the best kept secret in the Southeast: Mentone, Alabama. No phone service and no internet. Wonderful.

I'll be joining about 50 other guys from various generations for a staff alumni weekend at the camp that employed me for 6 summers, and it will be a glorious time of gluttonous eating, ultimate Frisbee and Bombardy competition, guitars around the evening campfire, reminiscing about the glory days, and, okay, sure--football watching during the day. We'll have TV's hooked up around the outside of the dining hall, but thank goodness I don't have to worry about Auburn this weekend. The cigar I smoke will be one of pure enjoyment as I soak in the natural beauty of my second home for so many years and breathe in the mountain of Cardiac Felinitis (it's been going around this fall...have you gotten vaccinated yet?).


I'll be without cable or internet at the farm in Athens for a family reunion this weekend. I'm only sad to be missing the USMNT-MEX soccer match. Everything else will come out in the wash.


Oh man I almost forgot. Scratch the late game. I'll be watching USA-Mexico, hopefully with AO Huntsville

WarRoom Eagle

Half marathon to start they day, one I haven't trained for very much, so I'm sure that'll go well. Then I'll try to convince my wife to go see The Martian with me. She's not much of a movie fan, but when you get chance to go out and leave the two-year-old at home with grandparents for a few hours, you take it. Depending on the movie time, I'd like to see how Butch Jones chokes away another 17 point lead (should culminate around 5:30) or just surf around looking for close games in the fourth quarter.

Dr Z

So the only time this former ball player watches baseball is during October. And I'm officially on the Cubs bandwagon (would have been on the Pirates wagon had they won).

I love the "Fly the W" flags. Cubs in 6...


This Cardinals fan plans on watching some great playoff baseball. I'm hoping to see some bloody baby bear carnage. I'm sure I'll watch college football, and have an interest in the LSU/SCarolina game since I live here in SC now. All the NFL and 'Dega on Sunday.

Basically, a whole bunch of sports. The good thing is that Auburn can't hurt me this weekend.


This is the second straight year that the Auburn bye week, Carolina bye week, and EPL international break have been the same weekend. The Braves are obviously done, again. The only true rooting interest I have this weekend is USA-Mexico. Is this what normal people think fall Saturdays are like?


Must be. By the way, best EPL international break ever! Welcome to Liverpool, Klopp.


Is the rest of the world playing football this Saturday? I forgot. I'm taking the family somewhere outdoors. The details are undecided but it will involve a hike, a canoe, and fishing. After that, I have to mow the lawn for what I hope will be the last time this season followed by the Cubs game.

Bobby Barkley (responding to last AU_Jonesy one)

Normal people" = GTL bros who somehow still live with their parents into their 30's who enjoy posting 12-second covers they "just learned check it out!" on Instagram and mysteriously take home an income without a full-time job? Who didn't attend Bama and root for the Tide every weekend because they're the good guys? Whose below-the-tit tattoos are in foreign languages and mean "love" and "freedom" and "coexist" and all that? Those people?

Ah, sorry, y'all. I was perusing all these new profiles of people from my high school popping up on LinkedIn again. War Eagle.


I'll be out of pocket and trying to avoid anything football related until Monday if I can. I also don't plan on posting much except some scheduled stuff, so hopefully nothing big happens. I'm going to be in DC for the weekend to run the Army Ten Miler. I've somewhat trained for it, but my time isn't going to be near what it was two years ago when I was in REALLY good shape. I'll finish, though, that's the key, and hopefully be well on my way to being ready for this year's Atlanta Half Marathon.

War Eagle, everyone. Enjoy the bye week. It will be a short week before Auburn football is back on Thursday night.