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Auburn vs Ole Miss: Some further thoughts.

Looking back at the game 24 hours later.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

It's been about 24 hours from the game ending, yesterday. So, I decided now is a good time to add a bit more to the post-game discussion. Many of these I started writing as a part of the recap, but I knew I wanted to do this today, so I saved them over for another article.

Similar to last week, I'm not going to do the Good, Bad, and Ugly, I'm just going to go through a feww ideas.

1) If Daniel Carlson isn't at least a semi-finalist for the Lou Groza Award, then they just need to stop handing it out. #Legatron has connected from 50+ four times this season. He has been money all year long.

Oh, and also in regards to the whole #Legatron thing, there's this:

2) The red zone issues weren't just play calling. That's what I saw most on Twitter, and while I don't understand not running Robinson on that last trip, the play calls were still there. Execution was a big issue in a lot of it. The back shoulder throw to Stevens? Should have been a touchdown. The holding call on Gray King? Negated at least a first down, if not a touchdown. Ricardo Louis caught a ball right on the goal line, but couldn't get a foot down. Bad drop on a running back screen. Miscommunication on routes hurt on at least one play.

Sure, there were still questionable play calls, but if the execution is more consistent, I think we get at least one of the two touchdowns we needed.

3) The Jeremy Johnson Experiment is Over. I'm sorry. I hate to seem like calling for a player to not see the field, but whatever we're trying to do with JJ just isn't working. Sure, he threw that bomb pass to Tony Stevens, but outside of that his plays were not successful at all. Keep Sean White in the game and let him get in rhythm. I don't know where the Wildcat was after the first drive or two, but I'd much rather see that than Johnson in there. I think it's very telling that the coaches went with a less than 100% Sean White over a 100% Jeremy Johnson to start the game.

4) Jovon Robinson is good. There's a reason he was the #1 JUCO running back last season. He played angry over not being on the field in the past few weeks and he showed a lot of drive to keep pushing the ball. I really wish we'd have given him more chances down near the goal line.

55) Carl Lawson. The man changes our defense just by being in the game. He didn't play every snap or even close to it, but when he was in there, he was a force to be reckoned with. He had Laremy Tunsil jumpy. His determination, skill, and love for the game is so evident. If he's healthy for the rest of the season, it really wouldn't shock me if he goes pro. He's that good.

6) Carl still isn't enough to make the defense good. There's blown coverages, there's still injuries and players struggling to grasp the system. However, he makes the defense good enough. They slowed down Ole Miss enough to give the offense a chance to win the game.

7) This has been a snake-bitten year. Auburn has four loses. They legitimately could have won three of those. We're playing with the 5th fewest returning lettermen in college football from last season. Our star QB didn't pan out. Attrition and injuries bit  our defense harder than expected. We may not make a bowl game (though I think we still CAN), but I still have faith in the players on the team and the coaching staff to right the ship.